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Creating a streamed video part 2

Starting the video

These instructions assume you have already done part 1. You have to do part 2 using the sound desk laptop and equipment. It's a good idea to start say 15-30 minutes ahead of the service.

Turn everything on (laptop, Roland mixer, Kramer scaler and DataVideo streamer). The power switch for the Roland is an inconspicuous small slider switch on the right hand end panel of the unit.

Update OpenLP with the thumbnail image you prepared in part 1. Add it to the relevant service plan - normally after '01 Notices'. Start OpenLP showing the '01 Notices' presentation.

Open Chrome. In the shortcut bar near the top of the Chrome window you will see a YouTube logo with 'YTS' (YouTube Studio) next to it. Click that to go to the studio, which looks like this: YouTube Studio

Ignore the 'important notifications' if they relate to copyright.

Click on the 'go live' symbol, which is a red dot with brackets around it, at the top right under CREATE. You should see the stream you created in part one listed as 'upcoming'. Click on the thumbnail picture. YouTube Studio

You should see this screen, which shows that YouTube is listening for your data. Note that at the foot of the area I have screenshotted it says 'No data'. That's because you haven't started sending any data yet. YouTube Studio

To start the streamer - the DataVideo NVS34 mounted on top of the Kramer scaler - press the STREAM button for 2 seconds. It should be showing steady white: press and hold for 2 seconds until it changes to alternating red and white, and after another couple of seconds it should change to solid red, indicating that the streaming output is being generated - though not yet being captured by YouTube.

The signal being fed to the streamer is the video output from the Roland mixer and the audio output from AUX 5 and 6 on the sound mixer board.

So now, YouTube is listening but not yet streaming and the streamer is sending data to YouTube. On YouTube you should see the 'No data' message change to 'Excellent connection' - it may take a few 10s of seconds. You should then see a thumbnail of the video feed (which should be the Notices slides rather than this camera shot). You may see the message 'Looks like you're ready' although it doesn't always seem to appear, and also, superimposed on the picture thumbnail, 'Preview'. YouTube Studio

When you are ready to start the broadcast, click on GO LIVE. In the top left of the thumbnail you should now see a red box saying LIVE and a count-up timer showing how many minutes and seconds have been streamed. YouTube Studio

When you think the minister is about 15 seconds from starting, advance OpenLP to the thumbnail slide, and when he really is ready use the Roland mixer to switch to a view of him.

When the service is over

Go back to the YouTube screen and click on END STREAM. It will ask you to confirm, and do so. Then press the STREAM button on the streamer for 2 secs. It should flash red and white and then turn solid white. You can then turn everything off in the usual order.