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Creating a streamed video part 1

Updated on 19 September 2021

Ahead of time

WARNING: In the few months since we started using it YouTube has changed the sequence of screens and actions at least 3 times. If you don't see exactly what is predicted here you may have to experiment!

You can do this as soon as you want, on or before the day of the service. You can do it from anywhere provided you have access to the SoundDesk and OpenLP Dropboxes.

Quick summary

  • Update thumbnail image
  • Go to St Andrew's channel logged on as
  • Manage videos
  • Create (top right) then Go Live
  • Schedule stream (top right)
  • Re-use settings:
    • Update date in title
    • Hover over thumbnail, click on ⋮, choose change, navigate to new .png thumbnail
    • Next then Next again
    • Set schedule to appropriate date and time
    • Done
  • Go back using (top left)
  • Hover over thumbnail of new stream, click on ⋮ and select Get shareable link
  • Go to St Andrew’s website, log in and:
    • WorshipSongs & services
    • Services tab and find appropriate service
    • In YouTube row click on edit
    • Paste (the copied link) and save

More details below.

Create a thumbnail for the stream

This is an image that will be used as an icon for you and the users to identify the stream. Do this by opening Powerpoint, and open Dropbox\OpenLP\data\presentations\Powerpoint\01 Notices.pptx. Edit it to show the correct details and then save it.

Then save as (ctrl-shift-S) in \Dropbox\OpenLP\data\images, as a file named 'YouTube thumbnail', selecting Save as type as PNG (Portable Network Graphics). Select Just this one when it asks what you want to export. Do not save it in the 'thumbnails' subfolder - that's for internal OpenLP use.

If there is more than one service on a single date you will need to use different names (eg 'YouTube Christingle' and 'YouTube Midnight').

Log in to the channel

You now need to create a YouTube video which is empty but listening for input. If users click on the link they will see the thumbnail (above) and a message saying that the stream will start in x days.

Go to St Andrew's channel home page.

From here on you need to be be logged on to YouTube as the channel manager. Note that by default you will be logged on to your own Google account, so if you don't see the church logo in the little circle at the top right of the YouTube channel page click on that circle, select 'Switch account', and then either select 'St Andrew's United Reformed Church, Cheam' (these words may be only partly shown) or click on 'Add account' (at the bottom of the dropdown) to find it.

You will need the login details for this account, at least the first time, and they are:

This section of the page is only visible if you are logged in to the website. Click here for help.

Create the new stream

Once you are logged in you should see this page: Channel home page

Click on MANAGE VIDEOS, which will take you to this page: Channel manage page

At the top right of that page, click on CREATE and then on and then on Go live to give you this page: New stream

Click on SCHEDULE STREAM, and then on REUSE SETTINGS to yield: New stream

Edit the title to read something like 'Morning worship - Sunday 1 August'.

Then hover over the displayed thumbnail, click on the ⋮, click on Change and navigate to the PNG thumbnail you created (see above) in \Dropbox\OpenLP\data\images and select it.

Click on NEXT at the foot and then on NEXT again and you will see this screen: New stream

Update the Schedule to show the date of the service and a time 5 minutes before it is due to start.

Lastly, click on DONE. That will take you to a screen saying 'Connect streaming software to start preview', but you're not going to do that until you want to start streaming. Instead, click on the left arrow (←) at the top of the screen and that will take you back to a screen which lists all upcoming streams - usually just the one which you have just created: New stream

Hover your mouse over your new stream's thumbnail and click on the ⋮ and a menu will appear.


Choose 'Get shareable link'. This will copy the link to the video onto your clipboard.

Now go to St Andrew's website and choose Worship → Songs and services, and click on the Services tab. If the service you have just set up is not the one shown, use 'preceding' or 'following' to get to it. Near the foot of 'Service details' there is a line labelled 'YouTube' which should be showing 'Yes'. Click on 'edit', and paste (ctrl-V) the link you just copied. Then click on 'Save'. That will set up the link on the front page which people will use to access the stream. It will go live automatically a few minutes before the service time.

You can now leave this until the day the stream goes live as detailed in part 2.