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Creating a streamed video part 1

Ahead of time

You can do this as soon as you want, on or before the day of the service. You can do it from anywhere provided you have access to the SoundDesk and OpenLP Dropboxes.

Go to St Andrew's channel home page.

You need to be logged on to Google as the channel manager. Note that by default you will be logged on to your own Google account, so if you don't see the church logo in the little circle at the top right, click on that circle, select 'Switch account', and then either select 'St Andrew's United Reformed Church, Cheam' (these words may be only partly shown) or search for that.

The login details for this account are:

This section of the page is only visible if you are logged in to the website. Click here for help.

Once you are logged in you should see buttons labelled CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL and MANAGE VIDEOS: Channel home page

Click on MANAGE VIDEOS, then on the 'Live tab', and then on CREATE at the top right, which will show a drop-down menu, from which select Go Live: Channel manage page

On the next page, click on SCHEDULE STREAM, and in the pop-up that appears, click on REUSE SETTINGS:

Create new page

Complete the pop-up that appears as shown. You will have to change the title for the video in the top line, enter the date of the service and a time which is 5 minutes before the service is scheduled to start (eg 10:25am).

Now open Powerpoint, and open Dropbox\SoundDesk\Miscellaneous\YouTube thumbnail.pptx. Edit it to show the correct details and then export it (F12 or Save As) as Dropbox\OpenLP\data\images\20210509_thumbnail (substituing the date of the recording), selecting 'Save as type' as PNG (Portable Network Graphics). Also select 'Just this one' when it asks what you want to export.

Now go back to the YouTube channel click on UPLOAD CUSTOM THUMBNAIL, and navigate to the file you just saved. A small version of the thumbnail slide should appear.

Finally, click on CREATE STREAM. You should see something like the below. Check the details, and if necessary click on EDIT to go back and change anything. Most of the technical details will already be fine.

Create new page
Page ready

You can now leave this until a few minutes before the stream goes live as detailed in part 2.