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St Andrew’s • Cheam

Duty descriptions

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Rota: Welcome team

Before the service

Arrive in time to be ready to be at the front doors at least 15 minutes before the service.

Ensure that all three front doors are unlocked. If the weather permits the centre and ramp doors can be left open. If the weather is cold, switch on the heaters above the doors: the switches are on the right side of the fridge in the vestibule kitchen.

Stand either side of the centre doors and greet worshippers as they arrive. Assist any who arrive by car and need help alighting or getting up the steps. Open the doors at the top of the ramp for any wheelchair users requiring it.

Pass any worshippers requiring further assistance to the stewards, especially any who are obviously visitors.

During the service

Remain in place until the end of the first hymn, then close the side doors and leave the centre doors ajar.

If they are on, turn off the heaters above the doors. The 3 switches are to the right of the fridge in the kitchen.

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