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St Andrew’s • Cheam

Duty descriptions

Rota: Steward 2

Before the service

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the service.

Steward in charge to agree with steward 2 which of them will carry out the following duties.

Ensure that orders of service and song word sheets are available in the vestibule. If not, collect them from the red basket in the office.

Turn on appropriate lights in the church. Use the buttons on the pillar next to the sound desk, using 1 on a sunny day, 2 on a cloudy day or 3 on an overcast day or in the evening.

Put out the two 'please park' signs on either side of the front doors.

Check that the following fire exits are unlocked

  • all three sets of front doors,
  • the door to the chapel vestibule and the glass outside door,
  • the door at the top of the steel ramp from the church and either the door into the choir vestry or the back door to the outside, and
  • the two doors leading from the back of the platform area to the corridor leading to the back door.

If any of these routes is locked or blocked, seek help. The Facilities Manager or his deputy has the necessary keys.

Stand by the inner doors and hand out orders of service and any other papers, and provide any required assistance to arriving worshippers. In winter use one or other side door and in summer use the centre doors. The inner doors in use should be propped open.

Provide large or normal print words to any who need them. Provide (or point out the location of) Bibles and Mission Praise to any who ask for them.

Agree who will take the offering at the appointed time and ensure that they have offering bags. Agree who (normally including the steward in charge) will count the offering.

During the service

Remain aware of anyone requiring assistance. Should anyone be taken ill, help them, if they are able and using the wheelchair if necessary, to move to the vestibule. If their condition warrants it, call an ambulance. The Church’s postcode is SM2 7HF.

When the offering is announced, give time for the children to leave and then collect the offering. When finished, assemble in the centre aisle at the back of the seats.

When the preacher raises the plate, move forward in pairs, placing the bags on the plate one at a time, and remain standing facing forward. Once the dedication is spoken, return to you seat.

After the service

Count the offering in the choir vestry with the other steward or a member of congregation, entering the required details in the cash book, and passing the offering to the appointed person.

Ensure that all papers are removed from the pews and return any hymn books or pew Bibles to the shelves in the corridor behind the sound desk.

Bring in the 'please park' signs.

Turn off the lights in the church and vestibule. Check that the heaters above the front doors are off - the switches are to the right of the fridge in the vestibule kitchen.

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