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Rota: Reader

Before the service

You will normally be provided with the readings by email or phone a few days before the service. You may find it sensible to read through the passages at home, deciding how you will pronounce any difficult words or names.

Unless the preacher specifically requests otherwise, read from the 2011 revision of the New International Version of the Bible. The text will normally be provided for you in large print on the lectern, but plese check that it is there before the service.

If no large print text is available, there is a Bible on the shelf under the lectern, and blue Bibles in the shelves at the back of the church. These are all the correct version. The text will also appear on the video monitor in front of you, but it best not to rely on that as your sole source.

During the service

At the appropriate time come up to the lectern and deliver your prayers.

There is a movable step behind the lectern. If you are tall you may wish to move it out of the way.

Do not adjust the microphone and try to avoid touching it as you speak.

Speak at a reasonable volume - as though you were addressing a room full of people. Speak more slowly than you would face-to-face: the church has a considerable echo and rapid speech is hard to hear.

Start by announcing the reading, for example, 'The first reading is from the gospel of Matthew, chapter 1, starting at verse 1'. (This is because the readings are recorded along with the sermon.)

Finish with a suitable phrase such as 'May God bless this reading from his holy word.'

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