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Duty descriptions

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Rota: Duty Elder

Before the service

Be in the church 30 minutes before the service to see that all arrangements for worship are in place.

Between you and the Duty Church Secretary ensure all other duty holders are present, obtaining substitutes as needed.

Be able to provide any assistance to members of the congregation or the Minister or Church Secretary as requested.

Ensure a carafe of water and glass are placed on the lectern for the minister.

Make sure the church is tidy.

During the service

During the last hymn inform Junior Church and Crèche that the service is finishing.

After the service

Be available to members for private prayer or pastoral needs, in the chapel if appropriate. Be prepared to ask another elder to assist should there be multiple needs, or should someone request assistance from an elder of their own sex.

Divide and then distribute flowers as directed by Pastoral Coordinator, or in their absence the Church Secretary.

Ensure that the church and buildings are locked after everyone has left or that someone else has agreed to do so. It may be assumed that the Korean church will lock up beyond the Miles Hall.

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