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Duty descriptions

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Rota: Duty Church Secretary

Before the service

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the service.

If the service is being led by a visiting minister, take the minister on a tour of the church before the service, and invite the minister to sign the visiting preachers’ book.

You will have received an email listing all those with duties. Between yourself and the Duty Elder ensure that all are present, and if not, appoint replacements.

Ensure that the (dark red) lectern Bible has markers for each of the readings.

Prepare Church Life.

Take a general walk round the church to see if anything needs to be done, and do it or delegate it.

Be in the minister's vestry 5 minutes prior to the service commencing.

Lead the prayer for minister prior to the service in the vestry, or at the back of the church.

Ensure that the minister and Bible carrier (normally Stephen) are at the back of the church by 10:29.

At 10:30, signal to the sound desk and the organist or pianist to start the service

If Communion is to be celebrated, together with the Communion Assistant ensure that all four Communion Elders are present (or substituted) 15 minutes before the service, and that they are given their serving locations.

During the service

Deliver Church Life at the scheduled time.

For a Communion service, towards the end of the communion hymn go to sit at the communion table on the organ side.

To serve the elements, you and the Communion Assistant pass the trays of bread to the Minister alternately, and s/he gives one each to the four Communion Elders.

When the elders return, the Minister receives the plates from the Communion Elders, serves them, and hands the plates to the you and the Communion Assistant, and you return them to the table.

After the service

During the last hymn, go forward and pick up the (black) Bible. After the blessing is said and the minister is ready to leave, precede him down the aisle and leave the Bible on or near the Memorial Book stand..

At a Communion service, receive from the Communion Assistant the number of communicants for reporting at the subsequent Elders Meeting.

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