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Rota: Communion Elders

Before the service

If possible arrive 30 minutes before the service to help the Communion Assistant in setting up. In any event Communion Elders are asked to be present no later than 15 minutes before the service so that their serving location may be allocated, and if there any issues they may be resolved without anxiety in good time before the service begins. Please note that if Communion Elders arrive later than this it may be necessary for their duties to be allocated to someone else.

During the service

Towards the end of the communion hymn go to sit in the choir stalls on the lectern side, once the choir has vacated.

At the appropriate time, stand and move forward to the front of the table. The Church Secretary and Communion Assistant will pass the trays of bread to the Minister alternately, who will give one to you.

Once you receive your tray, go to your starting position and pass your tray along the first and then subsequent rows. Do not forget the sound desk team. Aelred Smuland does not take the elements, but a visiting organist may do so.

Gather at the rear centre of the seating area and make sure that each elder has at least one bread cube or filled glass left.

Walk back together in pairs and return your tray to the celebrant. The celebrant will then serve you: do not simply take the element from the tray.

The trays of wine are passed in the same way.

After the service

Check that the Duty Church Secretary has counted the unused wine glasses, or count them yourself and tell him or her the number.

Then collect the glasses from the pews and chairs into the trays. Do not forget the sound desk.

Take the trays to the Miles kitchen. The Duty Church Secretary will take some bread and wine for the Junior Church leaders, after which discard any unused bread and wine, wash and dry the glasses and put them back in the trays.

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