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All duties for the next fortnight

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Sunday 14 August at 10:30

Coffee teamElsje Smit
Coffee teamRosemairi Evison
Communion assistantMaggie Macdonald
Communion EldersCatherine Wright
Communion EldersBetty Ntow-Aninkora
Communion EldersAndrew Macdonald
Duty Church SecretaryNigel Macdonald C
Duty ElderLaura Barker
FlowersHeather Saint
LightzoneKatharyne Crosse
Lightzone helperJulie Jamgotchian
Prayers of intercessionRosemairi Evison
ReaderAustine Young
SoundRichard Seaton
StewardCatherine Wright
StewardNigel Macdonald C
VisionJane Seaton

Sunday 21 August at 10:30

Coffee teamRosanne Young
Coffee teamAustine Young
Duty Church SecretaryNigel Dickinson
Duty ElderJanette Walls
FlowersMaggie Macdonald
Leading all-age serviceRichard Seaton
LightzoneMaggie Macdonald
Lightzone helperCatherine Wright
Prayers of intercessionHeather Saint
ReaderJulie Jamgotchian
SoundNigel Dickinson
StewardKatharyne Crosse
StewardJenni Dickinson
VisionJane Seaton
C - person is assigned to conflicting rotas

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