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St Andrew’s prayer diary

We struggle and work hard, because we have placed our hope in the living God, who is the savour of all and especially of those who believe. 1Timothy 4:10 GNB

Sheila May

This diary has been created by Sheila May to help us focus our prayers on matters that mean a lot to us.

When we bring our prayers to God, can we really think about and maybe find out information from the internet or publications so we are more informed and can pray more powerfully? Think about the subject of the day and try to relate personally with it: is there something we should be doing, or is it something you want to find out about? Try speaking to others at St Andrew’s as we all have different knowledge to share.

Today, Monday 10 August 2020, please pray for:
Relationships put under strain from money, health or addiction problems.

And in the days to come please pray for ...

Local community
Tue 11 Aug Grieving families who have lost loved ones, jobs, housing, security or health.
Wed 12 Aug Family carers, still more isolated than usual without relief from respite care, day centres, family and friends.
Thu 13 Aug The unemployed, some for the first time, and some not had their first job yet.
Fri 14 Aug The homeless, who may have had some temporary housing which is likely to end soon, and those homeless for the first time.
Sat 15 Aug Parents, having to look after children full time and fit in working.
Sun 16 Aug Age UK and Meals on Wheels, supporting the elderly and housebound.
Mon 17 Aug Relate, helping couples improve their relationships.
Tue 18 Aug Cruise, supporting the bereaved.
Wed 19 Aug Mencap, supporting children with learning disabilities
Thu 20 Aug Foodbanks and others who run job clubs to support people seeking work.
Fri 21 Aug Crisis and St Mungo’s helping the homeless.
Sat 22 Aug Samaritans and Salvation Army, there to support people with various needs
UK Society
Sun 23 Aug The hospitality and creative industries who face many challenges.
Mon 24 Aug Those in the travel industry.
Tue 25 Aug Patients on hospital waiting lists for treatments for cancer and other things.
Wed 26 Aug People with mental health or addiction issues.
Thu 27 Aug The government steering a course between safety and economy.
Fri 28 Aug Those living in poverty and with debts and for the charities that try to help them such as CAP.
Sat 29 Aug Staff and residents in care homes.
The world
Sun 30 Aug Governments, to share research and resources.
Mon 31 Aug Countries with fragile health services: may they get help from charities such as Oxfam.
Tue 1 Sep Refugees living in crowded camps with poor sanitation.
Wed 2 Sep People living in remote areas where poverty and poor infrastructure exacerbates problems of disease.
Thu 3 Sep Charities hampered by the virus in serving those in need of food and medical supplies, education and sanitation.
Fri 4 Sep Christian Aid, much needed throughout the world and this year without the funding it usually gets in its Christian Aid Week.
Sat 5 Sep Water Aid as it improves water supplies and sanitation which are so important in disease control.

Scripture quotations marked GNB are from the Good News Bible © 1994 published by the Bible Societies/HarperCollins Publishers Ltd UK, Good News Bible © American Bible Society 1966, 1971, 1976, 1992. Used with permission.