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St Andrew’s prayer diary

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Psalms 105:1 Give thanks to the Lord, proclaim his greatness; tell the nations what he has done.
Sheila May

This diary has been created by Sheila May to help us focus our prayers on matters that mean a lot to us.

When we bring our prayers to God, can we really think about and maybe find out information from the internet or publications so we are more informed and can pray more powerfully? Think about the subject of the day and try to relate personally with it: is there something we should be doing, or is it something you want to find out about? Try speaking to others at St Andrew’s as we all have different knowledge to share.

Today, Saturday 2 March 2024, please pray for:
Craig, elders and pastoral visitors as they encourage and support the congregation

And in the days to come please pray for ...

Middle East
Sun 3 Mar Humanitarian aid to reach all areas in need
Mon 4 Mar Permanent ceasefire and agreement for peace to be found that is acceptable to all sides
Tue 5 Mar All those who have lost love ones or been injured
Wed 6 Mar Access for world charities to deliver aid
Thu 7 Mar Conciliation to start to mend relationships and heal old prejudices
Fri 8 Mar Help to rebuild homes and infrastructure
Sat 9 Mar Religious views never to be used as a reason for violence
Children and young people
Sun 10 Mar Children in care or about to leave care and loose that support
Mon 11 Mar Young people drawn into gangs or becoming victims of knife crime
Tue 12 Mar Children witnessing violence in their homes
Wed 13 Mar Teenagers facing sexual exploitation or on-line bullying
Thu 14 Mar Children with learning difficulties or experiencing social anxiety at school
Fri 15 Mar Children facing major health problems
Sat 16 Mar Teenagers involved in drug taking
Sun 17 Mar Reflect on how Jesus in the desert resisted temptation through prayer
Mon 18 Mar Think what temptations we face that take us away from God
Tue 19 Mar How can we use our talents and gifts to glorify God
Wed 20 Mar How Jesus forgiving those around him as he went to the cross reminds us that his love for us knows no bounds
Thu 21 Mar How can we use our talents, time and money to help others
Fri 22 Mar May we use what we know about how Jesus lived to help us to live better lives
Sat 23 Mar Remember those whose actions point to God even when they face persecution for their faith
Making Christ known
Sun 24 Mar Jumping Jacks, showing love and care for these young families and opportunities to tell them about Jesus.
Mon 25 Mar We are all disciples, may we make opportunities to talk about our faith with our families and friends.
Tue 26 Mar Who let the Dads out, may the dads feel that this church group is a loving and supportive place to come to
Wed 27 Mar That our contact with pupils from Cheam high at TCL can show them what a caring church looks like
Thu 28 Mar The uniformed organisations meeting at St Andrews, so they can be encouraged to church events and services
Fri 29 Mar Jelly beans that our support of them can help make opportunities for faith discussions
Sat 30 Mar Holiday kids club a great way for children to have fun while getting to know our church and the bible
Sun 31 Mar Political leaders in Ukraine to be given strength and wisdom as they continue to guide their country in these difficult times
Mon 1 Apr Families torn apart, made homeless or bereaved
Tue 2 Apr For the soldiers defending their country
Wed 3 Apr Russians politicians to want the best for their own and other countries population
Thu 4 Apr Hospital staff fearing for their own safety but staying to help others in challenging conditions
Fri 5 Apr Children who have lost parents or siblings, who are injured, homeless or traumatized
Sat 6 Apr Situation to be resolved peacefully
Disadvantaged in UK
Sun 7 Apr People living with a disability and their families supporting them
Mon 8 Apr The unemployed or those on low wages
Tue 9 Apr Refugees facing housing, money and language challenges
Wed 10 Apr Those who are homeless or in unsuitable accommodation
Thu 11 Apr Single parents who don’t have family support
Fri 12 Apr Housebound elderly who don’t have support networks such as family or church community
Sat 13 Apr People with addictions or in debt to find long-term help and support
Sun 14 Apr Government to give more help to NHS and social care
Mon 15 Apr Workers to get fair wages and feel appreciated
Tue 16 Apr Refugees to get the support they need and feel accepted by those around them
Wed 17 Apr Councils to get the funding they need for housing
Thu 18 Apr Gingerbread charity helping single parents nationwide
Fri 19 Apr Council and churches running lunch clubs and coffee mornings to help the isolated but also more local buses in more rural areas
Sat 20 Apr Society to be more supportive of those going through difficult times
St Andrew’s Missionaries and charities
Sun 21 Apr Bibi Nedellec for all her work supporting others in translating the bible.
Mon 22 Apr The Mark Draper family to find a new home
Tue 23 Apr Sutton school’s workers: Simon Ellingham, Charis Miles, Abby Bryan, Becka McKay telling pupils in Sutton about Jesus
Wed 24 Apr Water Aid bringing water and sanitation to deprived areas of the world
Thu 25 Apr Christian Aid working in many places worldwide to relieve suffering
Fri 26 Apr The Trussell Trust supporting food banks and campaigning to end the need for food banks
Sat 27 Apr CAP Christians against poverty helping people with debt management
Spiritual growth at St Andrews
Sun 28 Apr Craig, elders and pastoral visitors as they encourage and support the congregation
Mon 29 Apr House Groups ; may we grow in faith as we study the Bible together
Tue 30 Apr All age service leaders as they teach us about God and the Bible.
Wed 1 May Wednesday morning prayer group as they enrich the church’s prayer life
Thu 2 May Junior Church leaders and children as they learn about God and the Bible
Fri 3 May May our lives reflect our Christian beliefs and values
Sat 4 May For Sunday mornings be a time of shared prayer, praise, worship and fellowship

Scripture quotations marked GNB are from the Good News Bible © 1994 published by the Bible Societies/HarperCollins Publishers Ltd UK, Good News Bible © American Bible Society 1966, 1971, 1976, 1992. Used with permission.