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St Andrew’s prayer diary

Those who know you, Lord, will trust you; you do not abandon anyone who comes to you. Psalm 9:10 GNT

Sheila May

This diary has been created by Sheila May to help us focus our prayers on matters that mean a lot to us.

When we bring our prayers to God, can we really think about and maybe find out information from the internet or publications so we are more informed and can pray more powerfully? Think about the subject of the day and try to relate personally with it: is there something we should be doing, or is it something you want to find out about? Try speaking to others at St Andrew’s as we all have different knowledge to share.

Today, Thursday 21 November 2019, please pray for:
Christian Solidarity Worldwide, working for religious freedom through advocacy and human rights in such places as Cuba, Pakistan and China.

And in the days to come please pray for ...

St Andrew’s charities and missionary partners
Fri 22 Nov Bibi Nédellec, directing the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators in French-speaking Africa.
Sat 23 Nov Sutton Schoolswork: director Simon Ellingham, Sarah Skinner for primary schools and Kate Travers for secondary schools.
Those working for St Andrew’s
Sun 24 Nov Our elders, pastoral visitors and Jenni Dickinson, our pastoral coordinator as they support and encourage the congregation.
Mon 25 Nov Our Church Secretary, Nigel Macdonald, the Management Committee led by Nigel Dickinson, and our Treasurer, Alan Walls.
Tue 26 Nov Our stewards and welcoming team.
Wed 27 Nov Our church staff, Stephen Riley, Christy Perry, Katharyne Crosse and Svenja Doepel.
Thu 28 Nov Our Organist, Aelred Smuland, the choir and the worship band: sharing music as a part of God’s creativity.
Fri 29 Nov Our flower ministry as a reflection of God’s creativity.
Sat 30 Nov The Revd Craig Bowman, his wife Louise and their son Thomas as they join us at St Andrew’s and Wallington.
Sharing our Christian faith
Sun 1 Dec The Bible Society, on a global mission to bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child in over 200 countries.
Mon 2 Dec Church leaders working together in the London Borough of Sutton.
Tue 3 Dec URC Commitment for Life and Christian Aid.
Wed 4 Dec Scripture Union, bringing the Bible to young people and children.
Thu 5 Dec Our chapel, open weekdays for public use: may the local community feel welcome to come in.
Fri 6 Dec Premier Christian Radio and other Christian radio stations around the world.
Sat 7 Dec Southern Synod officers: those serving temporarily as moderator, Revd Derrick Dzandu-Hedidor (Synod Clerk) and Revd Andy Twilley (Training and Development) and John Denison (Treasurer).
Charities and those with influence
Sun 8 Dec Tearfund, tackling poverty, following Jesus where the need is greatest.
Mon 9 Dec Fair trade and Traidcraft, helping farmers in developing countries.
Tue 10 Dec Political leaders in parliament and at the local level; may they lead with wisdom and compassion.
Wed 11 Dec World Presidents and Prime Ministers.
Thu 12 Dec Religious leaders of all faiths.
Fri 13 Dec The URC especially General Assembly moderators Revd Nigel Uden and Mr Derek Estill and General Secretary- Revd John Proctor.
Sat 14 Dec Sports celebrities; may they be good role models for our children.
Save the Children
Sun 15 Dec People working for Save the Children. Give them guidance, energy and wisdom to do this work. May they get the funding they need.
Mon 16 Dec All vulnerable children in need of help.
Tue 17 Dec Save the Children: working in Zimbabwe, where life expectancy is among the lowest in the world, to protect and care for vulnerable children.
Wed 18 Dec Save the Children: reducing malnutrition in under 5s in South Sudan and providing all ages with education and protection from violence and abuse.
Thu 19 Dec Save the Children: where after 30 years working in Ethopia child mortality is still high.
Fri 20 Dec Save the Children: improving education and basic healthcare in Somalia.
Sat 21 Dec Save the Children: reducing child deaths from preventable diseases and protecting children affected by HIV and AIDS in Uganda.
The local community
Sun 22 Dec All those who will be on their own over the Christmas season.
Mon 23 Dec Local nursing homes Willow Lodge and Eothen: for staff, residents and services.
Tue 24 Dec Abbeyfield homes: for residents and staff.
Wed 25 Dec Those in hospital or unwell.
Thu 26 Dec The bereaved.
Fri 27 Dec Jelly Beans; for children and teachers.
Sat 28 Dec Jumping Jacks, Baby Jacks and Who let the dads out?
UK children in need
Sun 29 Dec The Children’s Society: For the funding and personnel they need to do their work.
Mon 30 Dec Children living in poverty which can affect their mental and physical well being and future life chances.
Tue 31 Dec Children with unstable family lives facing violence and neglect.
Wed 1 Jan Children in care or who run away from home or care homes.
Thu 2 Jan Children affected by substance misuse by parents in their homes.
Fri 3 Jan Young refugees and migrants.
Sat 4 Jan Children and young people who are carers for family members.

Scripture quotations marked GNT are from the Good News Translation in Today’s English Version - Second Edition.
Copyright © 1992 by American Bible Society. Used by Permission.

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