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St Andrew’s prayer diary

First of all then, I urge that petitions, prayers, requests and thanksgivings be offered to God for all people 1 Timothy 2:1 GNB

Sheila May

This diary has been created by Sheila May to help us focus our prayers on matters that mean a lot to us.

When we bring our prayers to God, can we really think about and maybe find out information from the internet or publications so we are more informed and can pray more powerfully? Think about the subject of the day and try to relate personally with it: is there something we should be doing, or is it something you want to find out about? Try speaking to others at St Andrew’s as we all have different knowledge to share.

About this week’s prayer topic

He does not neglect the poor or ignore their suffering; he does not turn away from them, but answers when they call for help. Psalm 22:24 GNB

Today, Sunday 24 January 2021, please pray for:
May countries share resources and knowledge to get corona virus controlled in all parts of the world.

And in the days to come please pray for ...

The world
Mon 25 Jan Refugees in camps or taking dangerous journeys looking for safety and shelter.
Tue 26 Jan Help charities get funding and find ways to continue their work supporting health, education and relieving poverty where they are needed most.
Wed 27 Jan Children orphaned or separated from parents in famine or war zones.
Thu 28 Jan Christian Aid working to allieviate suffering.
Fri 29 Jan WHO promoting information and guidance to improve health worldwide.
Sat 30 Jan Unicef working in very many areas of the world.
The local community
Sun 31 Jan All local nursing and Abbeyfield homes for residents and staff.
Mon 1 Feb The housebound and isolated.
Tue 2 Feb Councils trying to provide services for all the vulnerable with dwindling finances.
Wed 3 Feb Transport workers to be safe as they do their job.
Thu 4 Feb Essential workers in our local hospitals working extra hard at the moment.
Fri 5 Feb Samaritans offering support by phone or on-line.
Sat 6 Feb Citizens Advice giving advice and support to anyone who needs it.
St Andrew’s missionaries and charities
Sun 7 Feb Bibi Nedellec with Wycliffe Bible Translators now living back in France.
Mon 8 Feb The Cools family working for Mission Aviation Fellowship in Australia.
Tue 9 Feb Sutton Schoolswork - Simon Ellingham, Sarah Skinner and Kate Travers.
Wed 10 Feb Compassion UK.
Thu 11 Feb Sutton Community Works including the foodbank and street pastors.
Fri 12 Feb Water Aid.
Sat 13 Feb Christian Solidarity Worldwide.
UK society
Sun 14 Feb High numbers of people who are unemployed many for the first time.
Mon 15 Feb Businesses struggling to survive.
Tue 16 Feb Carers, both paid or unpaid, working long hours with less support than usual
Wed 17 Feb Teachers and students finding ways to continue with education safely.
Thu 18 Feb University students having a very difficult year.
Fri 19 Feb People with mental health issues and their families.
Sat 20 Feb Single parents and children dealing with losing a parent.
Sun 21 Feb The Children’s Society counsel, support and campaign for young people to prevent abuse, exploitation and neglect
Mon 22 Feb Those on minimum wage who still need to use foodbanks to survive.
Tue 23 Feb People living with debts.
Wed 24 Feb The long term unemployed.
Thu 25 Feb The disabled or chronic sick who are less likely to be able to find suitable work.
Fri 26 Feb Unstable families or the those left homeless following relationship breakdown.
Sat 27 Feb People with addictions and the people and organisations that help them.
Charities which help UK society
Sun 28 Feb The Salvation Army befriending and feeding those in need
Mon 1 Mar Samaritans willing to listen on the phone or on-line to support those needing help
Tue 2 Mar Relate, giving counselling to couples.
Wed 3 Mar Cruise, helping people who are bereaved.
Thu 4 Mar Christians Against Poverty and other debt agencies helping people out of debt.
Fri 5 Mar Homestart, helping stressed mothers with young children.
Sat 6 Mar Age UK, there to support the elderly

Scripture quotations marked GNB are from the Good News Bible © 1994 published by the Bible Societies/HarperCollins Publishers Ltd UK, Good News Bible © American Bible Society 1966, 1971, 1976, 1992. Used with permission.