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St Andrew’s prayer diary

Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times. Romans 12:12 GNB

Sheila May

This diary has been created by Sheila May to help us focus our prayers on matters that mean a lot to us.

When we bring our prayers to God, can we really think about and maybe find out information from the internet or publications so we are more informed and can pray more powerfully? Think about the subject of the day and try to relate personally with it: is there something we should be doing, or is it something you want to find out about? Try speaking to others at St Andrew’s as we all have different knowledge to share.

About this week’s prayer topic

Do not deceive yourselves by just listening to his word: instead, put it into practice. James 1:22 GNB

Today, Sunday 1 November 2020, please pray for:
Show us ways to encourage each other to see what God is doing in our lives each week.

And in the days to come please pray for ...

Faith in action
Mon 2 Nov Help us to think how Jesus would deal with the problems we face in our work places and homes.
Tue 3 Nov Help us to remember we are loved and forgiven by God so we may better love and forgive those around us.
Wed 4 Nov Let us hear God if he is asking us to do something to help others in our society or world.
Thu 5 Nov May we encourage and uplift not just our friends and colleagues but other people we meet in our everyday lives.
Fri 6 Nov Can we use our faith to help us adapt to the changing world around us?
Sat 7 Nov May we demonstrate our faith in how we lead our lives.
St Andrew’s
Sun 8 Nov Craig and Peter for our church services in church, on-line and by phone.
Mon 9 Nov Nigel, Stephen, Christy, Katharyne, Svenja and Aelred for their work at St Andrew's.
Tue 10 Nov Elders, Heather and pastoral visitors for their support of the congregation.
Wed 11 Nov Those who are ill, lonely, anxious or missing loved ones.
Thu 12 Nov Prayer group meeting on Wednesday mornings
Fri 13 Nov Bible study groups learning together.
Sat 14 Nov Jelly Beans: keep children and staff healthy and enjoying their time together.
Sun 15 Nov NHS staff; keep them safe and supported.
Mon 16 Nov May we all feel God’s support through these difficult times.
Tue 17 Nov For vaccines and new treatments to be found.
Wed 18 Nov For the ill and bereaved.
Thu 19 Nov People without jobs or on reduced income.
Fri 20 Nov Those whose jobs are more difficult and stressful at the moment.
Sat 21 Nov May communities work together to control this virus.
The world
Sun 22 Nov Refugees living in camps or on the move looking for security and new homes.
Mon 23 Nov Countries less able to deal with the health crisis of the coronavirus.
Tue 24 Nov The poor and hungry in developing countries getting less help from struggling governments.
Wed 25 Nov Mercy Corps partnering communities and governments to transform lives for the better.
Thu 26 Nov UNICEF working to promote health worldwide.
Fri 27 Nov WHO promoting information and guidance to improve health worldwide.
Sat 28 Nov For world governments to share knowledge and resources.
The local community
Sun 29 Nov All local nursing and Abbeyfield homes: for residents and staff.
Mon 30 Nov The housebound and isolated.
Tue 1 Dec Councils trying to provide services for all the vulnerable with dwindling finances.
Wed 2 Dec Transport workers to be safe as they do their job.
Thu 3 Dec Essential workers in our local hospitals working extra hard at the moment.
Fri 4 Dec Samaritans offering support by phone or on-line.
Sat 5 Dec Citizens Advice, giving advice on many things to anyone who needs
St Andrew’s missionaries and charities
Sun 6 Dec Bibi Nedellec with Wycliffe Bible Translators.
Mon 7 Dec The Cools family working for Mission Aviation Fellowship in Australia.
Tue 8 Dec SuttonSchoolsWork: Simon Ellingham, Sarah Skinner and Kate Travers.
Wed 9 Dec Compassion UK
Thu 10 Dec Sutton Community Works including the foodbank and street pastors.
Fri 11 Dec Water Aid.
Sat 12 Dec Christian Solidarity Worldwide.
UK Society
Sun 13 Dec The unemployed.
Mon 14 Dec Those with ongoing mental health issues and those experiencing problems for the first time and their families.
Tue 15 Dec Families living in poverty and now with more worry about health and jobs.
Wed 16 Dec Teachers and students finding ways to continue with education as safely as possible.
Thu 17 Dec Carers both paid and unpaid: keep them safe and give them the energy to do their work.
Fri 18 Dec People with addictions and the people and organisations that support them.
Sat 19 Dec Single parents and the chronic sick with less support from agencies and organisations such as day centres and respite care.
The homeless
Sun 20 Dec People living on the streets or families in squalid or unsafe housing.
Mon 21 Dec Those in hostels or bed and breakfast who have little hope for the future.
Tue 22 Dec Shelter giving advice and support.
Wed 23 Dec Crisis UK working to find permanent solutions to homelessness.
Thu 24 Dec Centre Point charity supporting homeless 16-19 year olds in London.
Fri 25 Dec ShelterBox helping people worldwide homeless through natural disasters and conflict.
Sat 26 Dec The Salvation Army helping with meals, housing and night shelters.
Charities and those with influence
Sun 27 Dec Premier Christian Radio and other Christian radio stations around the world.
Mon 28 Dec Scripture Union, bringing the Bible to young people and children
Tue 29 Dec Open Doors, distributing Bibles and Christian books around the world.
Wed 30 Dec CSW, which trains, equips and empowers activists, journalists and religious leaders.
Thu 31 Dec Tearfund, tackling poverty.
Fri 1 Jan Fair Trade and Traidcraft, helping farmers in developing countries.
Sat 2 Jan May government made wise decisions to look after the most vulnerable..

Scripture quotations marked GNB are from the Good News Bible © 1994 published by the Bible Societies/HarperCollins Publishers Ltd UK, Good News Bible © American Bible Society 1966, 1971, 1976, 1992. Used with permission.