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We don’t normally record all-age services (usually on the 3rd Sunday of the month).

If the speaker used slides to illustrate his or her address, these may be available by clicking or tapping on the ‘slides’ link.

Sun 22 Oct 2017Mrs Judith Smith Pioneers not settlersslides
Sun 8 Oct 2017Mrs Betty Ntow-Aninkora 'True Gain'
Sun 1 Oct 2017Mr Stuart Dew Who do you think you are?
Sun 24 Sep 2017Revd Iain Stewart Is God unfair?
Sun 10 Sep 2017Mr Dave Smith Past, Present and Future
Sun 3 Sep 2017Revd Tim Clarke The burning bush
Sun 13 Aug 2017Dr Bibi Nédellec Bringing the Word to Africaslides
Sun 6 Aug 2017Mrs Heather Saint Come, all you who are thirsty
Sun 30 Jul 2017Mrs Christine Eales The kingdom of God, now and forever
Sun 23 Jul 2017Mr Mark Tomlinson Resurrection power
Sun 9 Jul 2017Mr David Walters Priorities - Putting God first
Sun 2 Jul 2017Revd Andy Twilley Growing Authentic Disciples
Sun 25 Jun 2017Mr Trevor Watson The persecuted church
Sun 11 Jun 2017Revd Nathan Eddy Made in the image
Sun 4 Jun 2017Revd George Watt Empowered by the Spirit
Sun 28 May 2017Revd Colin Holmes The messages of Ascension
Sun 14 May 2017Mrs Betty Ntow Aninkora I am the way, the truth and the life
Sun 7 May 2017Revd Nicola Furley-Smith Life in all its fullness
Sun 30 Apr 2017Mrs Judith Smith Spiritual sightslides
Sun 23 Apr 2017Dr Graham Campling A message of new hope and faith!
Sun 16 Apr 2017Revd Nadim Nassar We are the people of the man that rose again!
Sun 2 Apr 2017Mrs Linda Richards The story of Lazarus
Sun 26 Mar 2017Mrs Kristin Stevenson Bringing the Bible to everyoneslides
Sun 12 Mar 2017Ms Cat Hubbard Bringing the Bible message to young peopleslides
Sun 5 Mar 2017Revd Alistair Cumming The rainbow and the cross
Sun 26 Feb 2017Mr David Smith Growing in the knowledge of Jesus
Sun 12 Feb 2017Mrs Ann Davison Humility
Sun 5 Feb 2017Mr Nigel Macdonald Preparing to meet with Godslides
Sun 29 Jan 2017Mrs Betty Ntow Aninkora God's promised blessings
Sun 8 Jan 2017Mr Nigel Macdonald God’s gift of timeslides
Sun 1 Jan 2017Mrs Maggie Macdonald New Year’s resolutions
Sun 25 Dec 2016Mrs Christine Eales Joseph, Mary, Jesus
Sun 18 Dec 2016Mr Mark Tomlinson The Word, God and Jesus
Sun 4 Dec 2016Revd Nathan Eddy Advent
Sun 27 Nov 2016Revd Mike Dales The church lives!
Sun 13 Nov 2016Mr Nigel Macdonald The challenge of war
Sun 6 Nov 2016Revd Iain Stewart "Stand Fast"
Sun 30 Oct 2016Mrs Ann Davison Zacchaeus the tax collector
Sun 23 Oct 2016Mrs Betty Ntow-Aninkora There but for the grace of God go I