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St Andrew’s supports two missionary partners in prayer and through regular financial support through the Mission Fund. Please remember then in your own prayers, and if you would like to contribute to supporting their work, the Treasurer will be happy to hear from you.

January 2018

Bibi's News 


Back in Africa! Ouagadougou Centre

Shortly after my return to Cameroun, I was already on a plane to attend our yearly West Africa meetings in Burkina Faso.

Colleagues from all over West Africa were there, from Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Togo and of course ... Benin!

SIL entity directors as well as their Language Program Managers were gathered to discuss how best to plan for the next 3 years within that vast region. 

Debbie (Hatfield) on the left sitting with the Niger director (right). This brought back memories as Debbie used to be the Lang. Program Manager in that country!
Debbie and Bibi happy to support the director of Togo-Benin (left) and his LPM (right) since we both worked there many years. David Wafo standing next to me just joined the Francophone Area staff and was learning lots of new things during those meetings!
I used to drive 'up' to Ouagadougou quite often with Ursula for training workshops in the early days of the Nateni project, so it is a place I feel I know and it is always fun to go back there. It struck me how dusty it was during our stay there, not only from the usual "Harmattan" dust coming from the Sahara desert at that time of year, but also because of more cars driving near our SIL center on sandy roads. They are planning to put on some tarmac here and there, thankfully!

Below, the entire leaders' group (West Africa):
To arrive in Ouagadougou, we had to land in several West African capitals, Lomé (Togo) being one of them! I managed to locate our old house (only because I have a lot of practice now!)

THANK YOU all for your interest in our work and faithful support, 



Bibi asks that you do not circulate this information without her permission, which she has kindly given for publication on this website.

News from Ushindi Schools

Cathy and Charles Asiki

Cathy Finn (as she then was) attended St Andrew’s until she graduated as a maths teacher in 1987. After university, she went to Uganda with the Church Missionary Society. There she met and married Charles Asiki and they have four children. Since 1997, they have been involved in establishing and teaching in the Ushindi Christian primary and secondary schools where they live in Arua in North West Uganda. Substantial contributions from members of St Andrew’s have helped towards the purchase of land and setting up of a sixth form at the school and in the relocation of the primary school to a new site.

Arua Secondary School
The main building, staff offices and entrance. Flags flying from the flag poles are the country of Uganda and the school’s own flag