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Bibi’s News

 September 2016

Dear friends,
Months pass by, and I can assure you they do not look alike! I am sure it’s the same for you as you are coming out of the summer and holiday season. I hope and pray that you were able to have a change of scenery for a little while. I also hope this letter will find you in good form, ready to face another year. 
Nateni project - some news!
In my last letter, I told you that the son of our village neighbours, Sabi, who spent a lot of time with Ursula and me in our house in Tayacou, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. For Ursula and Carl, the recent months have been very difficult. They have, besides this terrible loss, experienced one difficulty after another. The publication of the New Testament is drawing near, and with the end of such a project often come real challenges. Pray for the team of translators (Esaïe, Martin and Pascal) and their families, and for Carl and Ursula, especially for their health who seems to be a recurring problem. To state the obvious, being ill is very disabling when you have a tight schedule for a publication of this size. Ursula is also working with a neighbouring language project, the Biali project. As for Nateni, the New Testament is also close to publication. Both teams are undergoing text corrections. All this work is tedious and requires a lot of concentration! Pray for those two projects and for Carl and Ursula! 

Below: Tayacou mountains with Sabi in the foreground following me on his bike.
International Conference
SIL & Wycliffe
I was once again honored to participate in our conference as staff (English-French translation team). These two weeks have actually been the end result of 18 months of intense reflection on the part of all SIL entities worldwide. Given the speed at which changes are happening around us worldwide, given all the challenges we face, how should we, as an organization, position ourselves among other international organizations to keep a relevant place in the field of language development for smaller ethnic communities? This conference meant: a lot of preparations, a lot of work once there, a felt unity among 500 people - rare enough to be mentioned here. This conference gave a new impetus to our organization - a palpable hope was felt. We know we have a big task ahead of us, as always. The area of training has a big place in that future. Pray for my colleagues and me! 
The process used was a success in its very participatory approach. Organisers and participants were exhausted after those two intensive weeks.
We said goodbye to our former Executive Director Freddy Boswell - with a grateful heart for his years of faithful service - and we have welcomed our new leader, Dr. Michel Kenmogne, who is Cameroonian! We wish Michel and his family every blessing in this new adventure!
Many of you will be happy to see a picture of Carl and Ursula Williams again. They still live in Tanguieta, near Tayacou where Ursula and I started to work together, back in 1993. 

Sabi sitting in our cashew tree


An artist was drawing the content of various communications (”live”). What a gift! 

Amazing performance!

Very creative way to process ‘thoughts’, prioritize, analyse.... 

Long lists of ideas and thoughts were turned into short statements
The conference staff worked really hard between meetings. At the end our time,  we came away with a list of “directional statements” that will lead us in the future.
Bibi Nédellec
c/o SIL

BP. 1299
iDelta FB page
Training in French-speaking Africa
Do you remember the iDELTA* course I mentioned in my last letter? In addition to students who did the orientation course last year, we will welcome new students in October 2016. This series will be taught over three years for two months every year (Oct.-Nov.). Some of the students will specialise in Bible translation, others in literacy and Scripture Engagement (how to ensure that the Bible will be well used by the churches) Everything is in place to start the course, but I know that some of the students are still looking for funds to be able to come. They need our prayers!

*Institute for the Development of Languages and Translation in Africa

Otherwise, all kind of training is happening here and there, through one- or two-week workshops in many different domains. I hope to tell you more about that in one of my next letters. I’m rarely present during the training events that I help organize remotely, but I would like you to have an idea of the type of teaching we do. You will see that is not all about linguistics! 
Prolonged stay in France
Following a routine check-up, I had to undergo a minor procedure. All ended well, the results were good, I was relieved! Because of that, I had to extend my stay in Brittany in the house my sister and I share. It wasn’t a real hardship, I must say! I got the right kind of internet connection so I could work well per skype. 

I also decided to use this time to get to know people, especially from a church in Lannion. I usually do not stay long enough for that sort of thing.
I had a great time, particularly with Mark and Helen, and their daughter Charlotte (photo). Small world in that church: I met people from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Madagascar, Senegal and even Benin!
Icing on the cake: I was given a car by close friends, and a car full of memories! Without that car, I could have never done all I was able to do.   Thank you Delphine, Olivier and Patrick!Icing on the ca

Please don’t forget to let me know how you are doing - now and again!

Thank you SO much for all your support,  

May the Lord bless you richly,  


Left: sticker on ‘my’ car: Some of you francophiles and Brittany fans will understand.
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News from Ushindi Schools

Cathy and Charles Asiki

Cathy Finn (as she then was) attended St Andrew’s until she graduated as a maths teacher in 1987. After university, she went to Uganda with the Church Missionary Society. There she met and married Charles Asiki and they have four children. Since 1997, they have been involved in establishing and teaching in the Ushindi Christian primary and secondary schools where they live in Arua in North West Uganda. Substantial contributions from members of St Andrew’s have helped towards the purchase of land and setting up of a sixth form at the school and in the relocation of the primary school to a new site.

Arua Secondary School
The main building, staff offices and entrance. Flags flying from the flag poles are the country of Uganda and the school’s own flag