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Tearfund: Climate change

Hi, Peter

It’s cold outside but I’m wrapped up warm, sitting on my sofa, writing to you. I’m surrounded by all my comforts and at this moment it’s easy to forget that our world is facing unprecedented challenges.

Yet, climate change is real. You and I need to take action.  

We’re reaching a tipping point with climate change and, in the words of Fiji’s prime minister in his opening address at the recent global UN climate change talks in Bonn, ‘We are all in the same canoe.’

Yet, so often it’s easy to ignore, especially if there’s no visible impact on our own lives. It can be hard to remind ourselves that many people living in poverty are already experiencing real difficulties.

I need your help.

I’m part of a global campaign called Renew our World and we’re calling on Christians everywhere to join us. Please stand with us as we ask our global leaders to seize the chance to turn their promises into real action and work with ambition on climate change.

 Call on the UK government to make its paper promises a reality.

Governments are taking strides forward, and we believe that, through action and the power of prayer, more will follow.

Thank you for standing with me.

Kit Powney, Tearfund Action

PS Let me know what you think of our PRAYER GUIDE. We pray that it will help equip and inspire your prayers for the climate.

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Posted on 24 Nov 2017

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