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Tearfund: Big Bake is back!

Dear Peter,

Tearfund’s Big Bake is back! (Cue for raucous cheering and exploding party poppers).

It’s one of the easiest, tastiest, and most effective ways to fight poverty... with a little help from our friend the cake (and nodding acquaintances the bun, the choux pastry and the macaron).

Here’s how it works: hold a bake sale to raise money and fight poverty. It really is that simple.So I’d like to ask you to rise to the occasion and get involved!

To make it extra-specially easy we’ve produced a special Big Bake pack. It’s full of top fundraising tips and resources to make your event a blitzentorte-ing* success.

The power of cake

The money you raise really can change lives. Take Sahira, a young woman from from the Central Asian States. She grew up in an orphanage for vulnerable girls run by a remarkable couple, Lev and Zarina.

However, as soon as the girls left the orphanage they were at grave risk. They didn’t have the vocational skills or confidence to find safe work. Nine times out of ten the girls went on to be trafficked or exploited by dangerous criminals. It was heartbreaking for the couple to watch.

Then things started to change. Thanks to the support of Tearfund’s local partners, Lev and Zarina set up a baking course. The young people are taught how to make and sell traditional pastries. Now, when the time comes for girls like Sahira to leave the orphanage, they have the skills they need to make a living and build a safe future.

So now you’ve seen the power of cake, get on board and grab yourself a Big Bake pack today.

I look forward to seeing photos of your creations!

With every blessing,

Ben Cohen
Web Editor

*Blitzentorte or ‘lightning cake’ is apparently a ‘rich orange-flavoured pastry cream between layers of meringue-topped cake’… why did nobody tell me about this before?!!

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Posted on 10 Aug 2017

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