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October 2021   Bibi’s News

Dear friends!

The last time I wrote to you, I talked about the biking race (Tour de France) coming through the village where I live, here in Brittany. The most interesting thing to me that day was that, after I took a few pictures at the side of the road and before I was able to get to my house, I got news via Whatsapp that I had been ‘spotted’ on TV in ... the USA!  I laughed out loud! My friends Debbie and Clare got up very early and were determined to find me on their screen miles and miles away. Quite amazing! I already had that photo below on my phone before I reached my door as I was walking back home! My dear sister Annie,  knowing where I was going to stand, also filmed her own TV screen, this time from the British Isles across the Channel (Isle of Man). Fun!

Try to spot me from the US TV screenshot... Below, French TV replay.
Work matters: Consultant Development
Almost there!! 
CBC = Competency based Certification (for consultants)

I have been involved in the past 3 years in a project that will enhance the development of consultants in a significant way. In the world of Bible translation, we need different types of consultants: specialists in literacy and education, linguistics, anthropology, vernacular media, biblical translation and many more. The training of such consultants is a long and thorough process. I have been leading this project with a team of faithful and very competent colleagues. We are developing a web-based tool to track competencies and this competency-based system will greatly facilitate the work between mentors and mentees. We are still working on configuring the software, but we are almost there! We are planning to pilot-test soon, with the hope to see it launched in early 2022.
It was easier to write newsletters when I worked and lived in Benin among the Natemba people. My current responsibilities are hard to explain, but I know that what I do has an impact and supports my colleagues on the ground. I would like to ask you to watch this short video (less than 3 minutes) which will give you a better idea of what we do and why we do it. 
Who is SIL?
Walking & birdwatching in Brittany

Back to more personal matters: It was very nice to have my sister Annie stay with me in Penvenan over a few weeks during the summer! I also had the surprise to have Debbie (Hatfield) with me as well, we hadn’t seen each other for a long, long time because of COVID issues and travel lock down.  We did lots of hikes and searched for interesting birds together!

As you can see, I am doing well. I am following my medical treatment ‘to the letter’, and I am doing all I can to counter the side effects associated with it. I have found 100% of my energy back, but I still have a full year of treatment ahead of me. I carefully observe this and that, take notes to take to my rheumatologist. It is important for me to do some type of physical activities on a regular basis, so I try walk to walk as much as I find time to do so. I am discovering lots of nice hikes and walks around here! Autumn and Winter can be quite stormy here in Brittany, I hope to get out anyway! 

I hope you too are well and looking forward to a change of season, and change of life (less COVID and more travel opportunities)!

As always very grateful for all your support, 
In Christ, 


Bibi Nédellec
10 Résidence Lise Bellec
22710 Penvénan
Cheques payable to:   Wycliffe UK    
PO BOX 1594,
High Wycombe Bucks. HP11 9NA
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Copyright © 2021 Bibi Nédellec. All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission.

Posted on 11 Nov 2021