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News from St Andrew’s

Craig’s letter of 17 June

Craig Bowman
Revd Craig Bowman

Dear Friends

Not surprisingly the government has announced a delay in moving to step 4, which would have meant a removal of most if not all restrictions. Whilst, in many ways, this is frustrating it doesn’t curtail our plans to return to live worship in the church with myself leading worship one week and a visiting preacher or a member of the eldership leading worship on the other weeks. Therefore from the 27th June worship in the church will be delivered live with only the hymns being recordings because we are not yet able to sing together.

There is a significant difference to when we previously returned to ‘in person’ worship. Whilst before we said worship was available and discouraged those who would be vulnerable from attending, we are now saying worship is available and we would love to see anyone who can join us. We will be providing an environment which is as safe as it can be with social distancing, temperature checks and face masks and, although social interaction is limited within the building, many people have already recognised the benefit of being in the same place as their fellow worshippers on Sundays. Please join us if you can.

20th June will be the last Sunday on which the pre-recorded service will be available from 10.30am on the Sunday morning. We are looking at what we may need to make available after then so if you feel you will be affected by this change please let me, Heather Saint or Nigel Dickinson know so we can plan accordingly.

An audio version of the service will be available this week from 10.30am via the church website or by calling 020 3870 2810 and a video stream of the service is also available via the St Andrew’s YouTube channel.

David and Goliath

Having last week considered David’s anointing as the next king of Israel, this week we look at his most famous encounter as he defeats Goliath. In life we continually seem to be fighting giants, whether they be economic, institutional, financial or personal. David’s battle with Goliath reminds us that we are called to confront them not with the tools we don’t have or those with which we are ill equipped (Saul’s armour) but with what we do have – our experience, our gifting and the presence of God in the things to which we are used. In this past year how many times have we or those we know cried out for something we don’t have? Yet so often I have been impressed and humbled by those who have used their experience and gifts to meet the challenges of these difficult days.

This week let us thank God for what we have been given not moan about what we have been denied.


Posted on 17 Jun 2021