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SSW: May prayer update

Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update May 2021

     Director’s Note

Just what is the point of praying? After all, it’s just words, isn’t it? We close our eyes, mostly, say our words out loud, mostly, and after a few minutes or so, conclude and move on with our lives. Our prayers don’t always seem to make a lot of sense; we ask for things completely out of our control, request changes which seem frankly impossible, and we desire that other people change. Does it really make any difference?

Well, this month is testimony of the resounding and positive response, ‘Yes!’

I asked last month for prayer that schools would respond, and that we would receive requests for us to start coming back in. More than anything, we wanted to know that God was still active, that He was already preparing the ground, and that we could get back into the schools in a new and exciting way.
God answered…..
Around 2 weeks ago we had a contact from Greenshaw, a school we have had so little direct engagement with for nearly 3 years, which genuinely excited us. Members of staff were acting together, Christians, and wanted to introduce Kintsugi Hope into the school, with a desire to also establish a Christian support group at the earliest appropriate time.

This week we met as a team to pray, and our most fervent prayer was that God would open even more doors that had previously been held closed, alongside all our other requests. Within 30 minutes of us concluding that time, we had an email from Harris Sutton, again a school who have been silent to us for over 12 months, specifically asking us to arrange a date to come in to discuss the exciting possibilities that Kintsugi could offer!
And, as I’ve been typing this update, I’ve had an email pop into my Inbox. I quickly read it to see what it was, and was overjoyed to see it was from a charity saying that they would be delighted to support us financially with a healthy grant! God is GOOD…..

We are beginning to see other schools generate some positivity, but it is still early days. Our timing is not always in line with His, and, for His own reasons, we are not able to do the work we used to do. Maybe that’s His plan, and we need to start seeing the new opportunities that we may have never considered before?

These may be small steps, but, once again, we’re so aware of the power of the Spirit of God working in spite of us. However difficult it can be to really believe that He is working, every now and then He just gives us a little encouragement, and we know that He is with us.

So, we pray continually in the Spirit, in words that sometimes we cannot understand, and for things we cannot see, knowing that He is able to do more than we are asking for.

Our ‘normal’ work is important still; we are having some interest from primary schools, and Abby is still providing assemblies online and getting some lovely feedback. Just this week we received a positive encouragement from St Dunstan’s telling us that they have thoroughly enjoyed the videos and really appreciate them. A few weeks ago, I received a lovely email from an old friend of mine who now lives near Norwich and works in a primary school. She was delighted to have found our material online and had found it so supportive and encouraging to know that God was still alive and active in her old borough of Sutton.

And so, we ask once more for your prayers. Communication, commitment and contact (Spurgeon would be proud!)
Communication from all our schools, not just a few, as they begin to regain confidence.
Commitment from schools to engage this term, dates being booked in, and new requests being received. And commitment from churches to continue to engage with us, both prayerfully and financially.
Contact within our schools. Face to face contact, where we can engage directly with children and young people, to enable us to help them to better understand the gospel of Jesus, to know the opportunity to establish a personal relationship with Him, and to find support and empowerment through the Spirit.

And of course, we pray for Sarah. She was due yesterday (as I type) but we’ve heard nothing so far! Please pray that God will be with her and Sean as they welcome their baby boy (when he decides to emerge) into the world. We already miss her in the office, and she’s only just gone. Looking forward to her returning!

If you want to print off copies of the prayer requests and events click here

Blessings to you all for your own prayers, and God bless you in your own ministry…..


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Primary Prayer Requests
  1. Please pray for God’s timing as schools begin to invite us back in. Pray for open hearts and minds in the children and staff that we serve.
  2. Please also pray for wisdom and guidance for Abby as she makes plans for the summer term and beyond
  3.  Please pray for Sarah and Sean as they start their new chapter with the babys arrival

Secondary Prayer Requests
  1. Kintsugi Hope - We praise God that a few Schools have shown some keen interest for Kintsugi Hope, a 6-week programme based around emotional well-being. Please pray that we can be in these Schools as soon as possible delivering these sessions and that they will be well received by students. 
  2. More ContactPlease pray for more contact with Schools, that they will open their doors back up to visitors and will be confident in making bookings with us.

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Posted on 18 May 2021