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Craig’s letter of 29 April

Craig Bowman
Revd Craig Bowman

Dear Friends


In one of Charles Schultz’ Peanuts cartoons Linus and Charlie Brown are all bundled up with caps and coats on a snowy, wintry day. They spot Snoopy shivering in the cold. Desiring to comfort him, they walk over to him. Linus speaks first, "Be of good cheer, Snoopy." Charlie Brown adds, "Yes, be of good cheer." Then, they turn and walk away. Snoopy is left still shivering. A big question mark appears over his puzzled expression, as he watches Linus and Charlie Brown walk away.

We see the problem and we know the answer. It’s all very well offering words of advice to Snoopy, but what he needs is a warm fire, or central heating in his kennel, or a nice warm coat like the ones Linus and Charlie Brown are wearing. This week’s epistle reading, which we won’t be hearing in the service on Sunday, is from the 1st letter of John and says that God's commandment is that we should believe in the name of Jesus Christ and love one another. Our love is to be offered in deeds and truth, not just through words and speech.

Christian love is to carry us beyond words to deeds. God has blessed us abundantly so that we might share abundantly with those in need. For some of us it is easier to love from a distance, rather than up close and personally, because thst is not as complicated or involved. Sometimes it is easier to see the forest rather than the trees. Sometimes it is easier to write a cheque to a relief agency than to love or take care of our neighbour next door. This last year a great many people have responded to the need to love those near to them and I hope as we move forward the links that have been made and the care that has been offered will continue.

However we mustn’t overlook those further afield where the help we can offer is a cheque or an online donation. In May we mark Christian Aid Week and the need is as great as ever, perhaps bigger than ever as the pandemic will seriously limit the door to door collection and other fundraising efforts. This Sunday

We shall again be meeting for worship in St Andrew’s at 10.30am. This service will be streamed live on the St Andrew’s YouTube channel. The audio version of the service will be available from 10.30am via the church website or by calling 020 3870 2810. This will also be a communion service so if you are sharing from home please have some bread and wine, juice or water ready if you wish to participate in this way.

This week may we not only be ready to wish people ‘good cheer’ but also give them a reason why.


Posted on 29 Apr 2021