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Craig’s letter of 15 April

Craig Bowman
Revd Craig Bowman

Dear Friends

As we continue the journey out of lockdown it’s good to know that activities are starting up and many of us are able to do more things. In this season of Easter and in the midst of Spring it does feel a more hopeful time. Yet we are still living with understandable restrictions that we need to follow, many have not yet been vaccinated and we are living with the impact of the deaths of so many people over the past year, some of them our friends and family. All is not glorious and light. In this our experience echoes the days following that first Easter. After the horrendous death of Jesus his followers were without hope but, as encounters were experienced and narrated, joy broke through and hope abounded. And yet… as we shall hear this Sunday there was still doubt and fear amongst the disciples and we know they were sheltering behind locked doors.

When we read the gospels we can be struck by how many of the resurrection appearances involve food, including this week’s account, when it is the ability of the resurrected Christ to eat solid food with them that reassures his followers. One of the things that has been greatly missed during these pandemic days is the opportunity to meet and eat with others, whether in our homes, at a restaurant or in church. Meals are important events, not just to feed our bodies but to build fellowship and mark significant moments. Over this past year we will have missed out on the opportunity to mark significant moments in our lives or faith with those whom we would have wanted to gather, so I am sure that eating together will be a priority for many when it is possible and safe. A meal is so much more than just eating.

Although we shall be meeting at St Andrew’s for worship again this Sunday (18th April) we are still providing the audio service through the church website or by calling 020 3870 2810 from 10.30am.

Memorial Service

Last year we were unable to hold our annual Memorial Service but this year it will be held at St Andrew’s at 3.00pm on 25th April. We expect there to be plenty of space for any from the church who wish to attend, recognising that we will still be affected by the need to follow covid guidelines. However it is also our intention to stream the service live for those who are online. More details regarding this will follow next week.

This week when we are eating let us not only think of the missed meals of this past year but recall those with whom we ate with in the past and who are no longer with us upon Earth, and give thanks for them. Let us also remember that even when we eat alone Christ still comes to us and offers his peace.


Posted on 15 Apr 2021