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CSW: The impossible becomes possible

Your support is changing lives
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Countless times in our 40-year history, we have seen the impossible become possible when we pray.

In faith, we pray to our almighty, all-powerful God, knowing that He is sovereign and has the power to deliver justice for the oppressed, to set the captives free, and to transform nations. As we pray, we approach the throne of God with confidence that he hears the prayers of the righteous; but in humility, recognising our dependence on Him to bring change. 

Prayer is powerful because of who is listening, not because of who is praying. 

Read more in our article unpacking what this part of the manifesto means to us. 

Make sure you read to the end for different ways you can join us in prayer!

Campaigns round-up: thank you for not staying silent!

Free Pastor Lorenzo

Even though his seven-year sentence was upheld on appeal, we’re still calling on the Cuban government to free Pastor Lorenzo, who was arrested after taking part in peaceful protests last year. On 11 July we marked the anniversary of his arrest by praying and protesting outside the Cuban Embassy in London, and a total of 8,322 emails and signatures have been sent to the Cuban Ambassador so far.

Your next step: Pray that the Cuban government will be moved to take action and free Pastor Lorenzo.

Everyone Free to Believe

Our ‘Free to Believe’ sculpture travelled all the way from the Big Church Day Out festival in West Sussex to Westminster, London, for the International Ministerial Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief. (You may have seen it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!)  

It was a focal point for our campaign, calling the UK government to take the lead in addressing early warning signs of genocide and other atrocity crimes.

Your next step: Keep an eye out for the next phase of the campaign, coming soon!

The untold stories​
This month we launched a new report on China, based on in-depth research by five independent experts. It builds on the findings of our 2020 report, and sadly many of the violations described two years ago have significantly increased. Even during the most severe period of the pandemic, the demolition of crosses and the banning of churches in various places never stopped.

China: The untold stories sheds light on the under-reported violations of freedom of religion or belief, as well as those that are currently developing. 

Read the report online or download it as a PDF. 

We won’t stay silent…however long it takes!
Year after year, countless people around the world are unjustly imprisoned because of their religion or belief. The names below, with their prison sentences, represent so many more people facing lengthy, unjust prison sentences. 

Pastor Nadarkhani, Iran, 6 years.
Pastor Amin Khaki, Iran, 5 years.
Pastor Lorenzo, Cuba, 7 years.
Loreto Hernández García, Cuba, 7 years.
Pastor Keshav, Nepal, 2 years.
Pastor Zhang Shaojie, China, 12 years.
Alimujang Yimiti, China, 15 years. 
Nguyen Trung Ton, Vietnam,12 years.
Nguyen Bac Truyen, Vietnam, 11 years.
Mubarak Bala, Nigeria, 24 years.

The authorities are relying on our silence to be able to continue depriving innocent people of their freedom – perhaps hoping that ‘out of sight’ means ‘out of mind’. But we have not forgotten those who are in prison for their faith. And we will not be silent. 

Your giving enables us to draw much-needed attention to the injustices that the authorities would rather keep hidden. 

A gift of £8 will help us to continue speaking out to secure freedom for those who are imprisoned unjustly, or facing any kind of injustice for their beliefs, all over the world.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already given to support those imprisoned for their beliefs!

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CSW is a human rights organisation specialising in freedom of religion or belief, and as Christians we stand with everyone facing injustice because of their religion or belief. CSW, PO BOX 99, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3YF. Registered Charity No. 281836

Posted on 29 Jul 2022