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Craig’s letter of 11 March

Craig Bowman
Revd Craig Bowman

Dear Friends

As we draw near to Easter and the days lengthen and brighten, there is hope in the air. The progress in the battle against the coronavirus adds to that sense of expectation for many. However we need to continue to be cautious. The reduction in infection rates and hospital admissions is not totally due to the roll out of the vaccination programme but because people have mainly followed the rules regarding lockdown. As more and more people are vaccinated the situation will improve for everyone but we still need to stick to the rules and not anticipate changes. It’s hard when we have been waiting so long for some kind of return to normality but our responsibility to others remains and we should not be taking risks.

I attended another Public Health briefing this week and, besides the details of the progress being made, two things struck me.

One is the reluctance amongst certain ethnic groups to take up the offer of vaccination. There are several reasons for this but life improves for all of us the more people who are vaccinated. It is not our job to lecture others but if we are in conversation with those who are hesitant perhaps we can encourage them to seek out sources of reliable information regarding vaccine safety.

The second thing was the inequality created by Covid-19 disproportionately affecting minority communities and poor communities. The recovery from the pandemic is continuing that inequality. Again there are many reasons for this but our calling is to challenge injustice and we need to remember that as the recovery continues.

I apologise for forgetting to mention in last week’s letter that the service would include Holy Communion. Hopefully Peter’s announcement before the service started enabled people to make suitable arrangements.


This coming Sunday brings us one of the most famous statements regarding God’s love for us, from chapter 3 of John’s Gospel, and an intriguing account from the book of Numbers regarding snakes. In one a passage that brings great reassurance and in the other reference to the creature that brings fear to so many. I’m not sure quite where we’re going to end up when we explore these passages but I do hope you can join us on Sunday as we continue our journey towards Easter.

The service can be accessed by calling 020 3870 2810 or by clicking on the link on the church website.

This week may we know the reassurance of God’s love for us especially when confronted with the things that we fear most.


Posted on 11 Mar 2021