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News from St Andrew’s

Craig’s letter of 4 March

Craig Bowman
Revd Craig Bowman

Dear Friends


When they met this week the elders carefully considered the current situation regarding lockdown and the roadmap issued by the government. It was decided that, provided the expected progress is achieved, we would be ready to restart ‘in person’ worship at St Andrew’s on Easter Sunday (4th April). It will be the same style of service as was being offered through the Summer and Autumn until we took the decision to suspend worship in December. This means there will be no singing (recorded music will be played), with masks being worn, strictly observing social distancing and mingling will still not be permitted. It is expected that we will continue with a weekly service in the church from then on, however the elders will reflect on how the arrangements worked on Easter Sunday and confirm, or otherwise, that decision early the following week. In due course we shall share further details.

For good reasons many people will not wish to attend ‘in person’ worship as early as Easter so we will continue to offer the recorded service for a while yet, working with our friends at Wallington.


Giving Thanks

I have heard many people expressing their gratitude for receiving a Covid-19 vaccination even if, for most people, they have to wait longer than originally expected for the second dose. The United Reformed Church is offering an opportunity to make gratitude tangible with its ‘Give Thanks for Your Vaccine’ developed with Christian Aid. In the UK, nearly 18 million people have had their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine but for the poorest and most vulnerable communities across the world, there is little hope of a vaccine rollout. These are people who already face lack of water, food, and basic healthcare.

Synod Anniversary Service

On the 23rd of March 2020 we went into shutdown. Yet we are a resilient group and almost immediately some fellowships were producing Zoom and YouTube services and finding creative ways to keep in touch. It was only as the weeks rolled on into months that we fully realised the change that Covid-19 brought to our lives. The Southern Synod is holding a Zoom service of thanksgiving on Sunday 21st March at 6.30pm to which everyone is invited.

  • Thanksgiving for the lives of those who sadly died because of Covid-19.
  • Thanksgiving for the skill of the scientists who in less than nine months have produced vaccines to counteract the effect of Covid-19.
  • Thanksgiving for all those employed in the medical profession in its widest role.
  • Thanksgiving for teachers and all the key workers in trades and professions too numerous to mention.

The preacher will be the new Synod Moderator Revd Bridget Banks. After the service we will have breakout rooms and spend a little time sharing our experiences with each other.

This Sunday we continue journeying with Jesus to Jerusalem and will hear John’s account of the cleansing of the Temple and the giving of the 10 Commandments from Exodus.

The service can be accessed by calling 020 3870 2810 or by clicking on the link on the church website.

As we continue to follow Jesus let us listen for guidance to help us live our lives well in these days.


Posted on 4 Mar 2021