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SSW: February news

Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update February 2021

     Director’s Note

Before preparing this month’s update I thought I’d take a look back at a few of the ones I’ve done over the last few months. What a joy to read of the prayers I asked for, and the corresponding answers found a few months later! Despite all the challenges that this last year has put in front of us, I can see so much evidence that God has His hand on Sutton, and is working through and with His disciples all over the borough, even though we may not see it each and every day.

On each and every occasion I prepare something for the faithful to respond to, I know that He is working in the background, using the words I write and prayers that result, to work His will. It may not always be exactly what we ask for, but He has His plan and He is working for the good of all those who love Him.

Last month I circulated a prayer request that was prepared when we still thought schools were opening up to visitors, and we would be going back in once more. I asked for prayer that we would get into as many schools as possible, and really begin to engage with the pupils and staff once more as we had previously. Sadly, this turned out to be unrealised hope, but it doesn’t mean God didn’t get to work!

Although we have had absolutely no physical engagement with schools, we still circulate our assembly videos to primaries and thought for the week chats to secondary. We continue to be delighted with the messages of positive support we receive from schools who have been able to utilise these in their week, and we know that this means many more pupils in those particular schools are having some form of Christian input than we would otherwise have delivered. We also know that many more have not had this, as not all schools are as positively engaged, but we continue to faithfully provide these messages and simply pray for breakthrough.

We have had our second prayer meeting online, and were delighted to have been joined by two visitors from elsewhere in the country who have found our work online and wanted to come along simply to support us. What a delight to know we are reaching people outside our borough!

I shared last month that we were a little concerned about our finances, but, as I should have known, if God is in something then He will supply the needs. I’m delighted to report that I’m now not anywhere near as concerned!!!
Now, what do we pray for this month?

We obviously still want to get back into the school buildings and engage with people. It appears this will not happen until 8th March at the earliest, but we continue to pray for something extraordinary to happen. Our staff meetings are always looking to prepare for what we think is going to occur, but be ready for God to move in power and to respond immediately to something else! Please pray that we will be straight back in whenever that day comes….

All schools need our prayer support. Many staff are simply overwhelmed and running on auto-pilot, and we must continue to raise them up, especially our Christian colleagues, that they might know His all-refreshing power.

Children are not going to just simply come straight back and get back right into the rhythm immediately. Many will struggle as they will have become so used to the pattern of the last few months that the routine of school may be very difficult, please pray for them at this time. It is our intention to work with the schools to offer some form of emotional and spiritual support wherever we can. If the schools do go back on the 8th March, that only gives them 3 weeks of the term to go, and there’s every possibility schools won’t be able to invite us in during that time. Please pray that we will find ourselves being asked to come back, and that we may be able to respond.

Please continue to pray for our Easter lessons. Sarah has been preparing our new presentation, incorporating a video instead of the Easter Experience, and we all know how important the message of the death and resurrection of our Lord is. We desperately want to tell as many children as possible, so please seek the Lord in how we can ensure this gets circulated to all schools.

Finally, please continue to raise our church leaders in prayer. Many of them have had to find new ways to present the gospel, and still provide spiritual and emotional support to their flock. A few of them will have found this really hard, and I think that when we all can go back to church we may find they are not the same as they were before! Please lift up your own leader, and ask God to continue to strengthen and sustain them. I’m very aware that we may be all looking forward to meeting together again, and may possibly be thinking that everything will be alright when we do, but it may very well turn out to be very different, and our leaders will need our support.

I always conclude these with a heartfelt thank you. Not just to God, but to you all for your prayerful support. We continue to be always grateful for you, and thank God for you. May God keep you safe and strong, so that you may continue to serve Him.

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Simon Ellingham

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Primary Prayer Requests
  1. Online Resources -  Please pray that schools would continue to access our online resources, both in school and through their remote learning provision. Please ask that God would bless the children in Sutton and their families during this tough time.
  1. Easter Resource - Pray for the putting together of a new Easter resource 

Secondary Prayer Requests
  1.  RE Lessons Online - We are currently working on some RE Lessons for our SSW YouTube Channel, please pray these videos are received well and are helpful for both teachers and students.
  1. Secondary Schools - Please pray for the protection and safety over Secondary Schools, particularly as so many are adapting to life with home-schooling. Please also pray God will continue to give us new ideas as we support our Schoo


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Posted on 2 Feb 2021