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News from the Cools family - November 2020

Mission Aviation Fellowship - November 2020

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First, apologies for the lengthy wait. We were having some difficulties with accessing our account and I had no other means of sending out the update. So, our sincere apologies.

  View from plane

Life here in the far North of Australia has been pretty normal. Besides the screens and other covid related changes, life has been tracking quite normally up where we live, with a few minor exceptions. In our area there have been no confirmed cases in months. The girls are going to school normally and, besides church being mostly online, life runs its normal cause.


At home the girls are now in the last few weeks of their school term for the year, and the end of 'year one' and 'kindy'. Olivia had her birthday in July and Ameiah will have hers in a couple of weeks. She's been patiently waiting for that day to come. Melissa has been extra busy with Uni. She has done full-time in the last term and although it is rewarding for her to see the excellent results she is getting, it has been really tough on her at the same time. We are all very proud of how well she is doing at uni, on top of all the other work she does.

At the flight training centre, the students have been working hard to get to the next level in their licences. Mike (lower picture) and Nikembu, both from PNG, have just succesfully finished their private pilot licence. Deivid, from Columbia, is now working towards the same licence outcome. I have been very involved in their training in the last few months and it so rewarding to see their hard work pay off. They are very resillient. All 3 have family overseas that they have not seen since the borders closed in March. (Mike has a young family, which must be really difficult for him.)


This photo was taken on one of the ferry flights Hans has been conducting between Mareeba and Arnhem Land (If you would drive this, it would be roughly 2600km of which a big part on unpaved roads). The planes are ferried from the Arnhem Land program to Mareeba for maintenance, and Hans has done many of these flights this year.
Photo from plane

We are coming to the end of a very strange year. But, we know that God is good, even though things are tough and isolating for many people in this season. We feel very fortunate to be in an area that is fairly unaffected by this virus. We do however miss our family and friends, and think of everyone back at 'home' at this time. We do know that we are where we are supposed to be for this time and we take peace in that. Within MAF international some families have had to make decisions not to return to their programs where they work due to the situation with Covid. We are personally very grateful to have been able to do our furlough at the end of last year and were able to see you all and connect with you before this all happened!

This picture was taken on one of my early morning runs. It is a pretty uncommon but still beautiful sight called the colourless rainbow or also called fogbow.

Prayer Points:

1. Prayer for the coronavirus situation. Worldwide within MAF, flying has decreased by almost 80%. At this stage there have been no redundancies, and there have been people that have been furloughed. Please keep praying we will be able to keep it this way. Some programs are really slowly picking up, others are have suspended operations.

2. All of our students are separated from family and significant others, who they are unable to see due to border closures or interstate travel restrictions. Please pray for them. Pray that things can go back to normal soon.

3. Pray for Melissa as she continues to study, especially that she can find the momentum in this new unit and keep it going.

4. As long as the borders of Australia remain closed, we will be unable to start the next training class for PNG nationals. Please pray that there is a way for them to come over and start their training at the beginning of next year.

We know that God is ultimately in charge, and that this too shall pass. There's a lot of fear worldwide - pray that organisations like MAF can stand out as encouragements in these trialling times.


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Posted on 19 Nov 2020