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Craig’s letter of 5 November

Craig Bowman
Revd Craig Bowman

Dear friends

We have now returned to lockdown in the fight to contain the Coronavirus. Whilst this is not unexpected it will be inconvenient for many and prove extremely difficult for some, particularly those who feel isolated, lack support or are struggling with their mental health. This time of lockdown we are heading into ever longer nights and colder temperatures, rather than the brightening days of spring, so will be even harder for some.

Please continue to keep an eye on those you know who need support and if you need help please contact Heather Saint.

This new period of lockdown means that once again we are not able to gather for worship in the church building. The building may be closed (except for a very limited number of permitted users) but the church is still open. We will continue to provide an audio service each Sunday, followed by a Zoom coffee gathering for those who are able to join in, and home groups and the prayer group will continue to meet via Zoom.

At the present time the lockdown has a defined ending, 2nd December, but it may be extended if the medical situation requires it. We have plans for a range of services over Christmas, both on-line and in the church building. Whether we will be able to do all we had intended is uncertain but we shall continue to plan for them and I will share more details next week. Please be assured that whatever else happens there will be a continued offering of audio services available throughout Advent and Christmas.


Remembrance Sunday

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and although we are not able to be in our building we shall still be remembering and reflecting. The audio service will include a reading of the names of those from both St Andrew’s and Wallington URCs, who gave their lives in the World Wars of the last century.

Join us at 10.30am on Sunday morning by calling 020 3870 2810 or through the church website.

Please do what you can to keep yourself and others safe during these times.

May the God of peace be present with you.


Posted on 5 Nov 2020