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SCW: New Community Foodshop


We have been running Foodbank for the last 11 years and have seen increased use of it. The vision has always been more than food: we are seeking to lift people out of poverty which includes signposting to other services.

The Community Foodshop is based on the simple principle of a resident on low income paying a fixed amount, eg £3 a week, membership fee and in return they can receive say £12 worth of food (including fresh foods). This is not a solution to food poverty but a step in the right direction. We are keen to build a bridge with church communities and activities and support offered by you.

We are starting in November, in a unit in St Nicholas Centre and need volunteers to help run the shop and help with logistics such as transporting food, restocking etc.

Our plan is also to use the unit for other activities including a Job Club in November. We are happy to partner with churches on other activities and make the most effective use of the space. It seems like a door that has opened to us at this time.

Please pray for the best use of this space and facility.

Every blessing

Mark Tomlinson is the Director of Sutton Community Works and a good friend to St Andrew’s

  Request for volunteers

Posted on 8 Oct 2020