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SSW: Prayer update for October

Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update October 2020

     Director’s Note

Praise God, and bless you all for your praying!

Last month I stressed the optimism that we all felt in the SSW team as we started the new term. There were clear signs that schools were beginning to open up to us, and we had received lots of positive responses from teachers, who, even if they couldn’t book a fixed visit, definitely wanted us to be ready to come back in and share our message as soon as possible. I asked for prayer, and it appears you responded, because we have had answers already!

Abby has been into schools already running ‘live’ assemblies, in class groups, but face to face with the children. It’s made her life a little busier when in the school, as she has to run the same assembly several times instead of just once in the hall. However, it’s so wonderful to be back telling the children of the love of God, just the hopeful message we know they need at this time.

Sarah got a last-minute request from Westbourne Primary asking her to come in the very next week and deliver an RE day to Years 1, 3 and 5. Meanwhile both she and Abby have continued to produce their weekly assembly online video, which seems to have maintained the popularity of those created last term. The help provided by our volunteers has been wonderful, and we have been so grateful that the children can see many faces telling them of their faith, and we pray that hearts may be ‘warmed’.

Kate and Beca continue to produce a ‘Thought for the week’ video for secondary schools, and also develop their plans for their ‘LIVE’ programme, which was due to be launched this month. Wonderfully, one school, Cheam High, contacted us direct to get us straight back in to repeat our ‘Choices – Knife Crime and County Lines’ workshop with Year 8. We have delivered this now for 3 consecutive Year 8 groups and they value them so highly they want us in, speaking at the front of the class, giving them this very direct but supportive message. Through it we are able to introduce them to the words of Jesus when he talked about the peacemakers, and we have challenged them to consider His words for themselves. It’s especially encouraging to be given permission by the school to openly explain our faith in as much as it helps us ace these difficult challenges of life, and we pray that something we say will just stick in a young person’s mind.

We’ve received positive contact from people from all over the country who have seen our videos and it seems we’ve hit on something that we’re good at. This is an area we’ll be looking expand over the next few weeks. Apparently Youthscape, the national organisation that some of you may be aware of, has recently referenced our work and its quality!

So, as we move forward, constantly striving to find creative and effective ways to tell the good news of Jesus, we are encouraged by the signs. God answers prayer, we all know, and He continues to do so through even what might seem such difficult circumstances. Throughout these last few months, we have been able to reach out and invite young people to consider His love and forgiveness, and we pray that we have managed to maintain the light of His kingdom within the lives of each and every school.
Once again though, I would ask for your continued prayers.

  1. That schools will open up even more, maintaining the appropriate safety, but allowing us in to tell our story. This is especially important for the Christian Unions that are no longer able to meet. We really want to get back in to support those children whom we had close contact with.
  2. That teachers will actively seek us out to book us for delivery.
  3. That our finances will continue to be strong enough for us to be able to do God’s work.
  4. That, ultimately, new people will hear of our Lord and be encouraged to seek Him out, so, as He promises, they will find Him.

Bless you all once again for your support and prayers. They always mean so much to us….

If you would like to print off a copy of our prayer diary and prayer requests click here for a pdf version

Simon Ellingham

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Primary Prayer Requests
  1. RE days - Pray for the RE days at Westbourne this half term
  2. Assemblies – Praise God! Abby was able to visit 3 primary schools last month and deliver 11 assemblies to year group bubbles. Please pray that more primary schools would open their doors, and allow us to visit in person to lead assemblies in a safe way. Also please pray that our online assemblies (released weekly) would continue to be used by schools and bless the children of Sutton.

Secondary Prayer Requests
  1. Knife Crime Workshops: We are currently running knife crime workshops (as part of the new LIVE Project) at Cheam High so we are very thankful to be back in! Please pray the students have taken something away from these sessions.
  2. School Communications: Please pray for the Schools that we are awaiting to hear from, that we are able to get back into those Schools as soon as possible!


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Posted on 5 Oct 2020