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News from Streams of Mercy

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News from Uganda – progress even during the Pandemic!

Dear Friends

These notes are taken from reports posted on Facebook by Pastor Jimmy in Masafu, Uganda. Jimmy is the director of Streams of Mercy Uganda. The work is obviously going well and is well respected in the community and he has developed good links with other organisations who have given donations and help.

Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy

30 May Just check how far we have come!, We have decided to reach this generation using all possible means. We have put up a public library in this village where whoever wants to read books will come. My request to you my friends if you have any book that can be read by this people please send us. If you have books you have read and love others to also read this is the chance. Send to STREAMS OF MERCY P.O BOX 133 BUSIA UGANDA . Thank you in advance

Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy

June 15 Had good time as we launched distribution of nets to the vulnerable, malaria is killing many children. everyday, the gospel preached, pregnant mothers had their antenatal, children were immunised ,we kept social distance, thank you MOTHER TO MANY CHILDREN, PEACE CORPS, masafu health center educators, and all of the team that participated

Friday and Saturday was another good day, we had sensitization on domestic violence, child protection, preaching the word and mosquito net distribution. Blessings to you all

Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy

June 17 Today in Buwanda village, we had integrated approach in giving out nets,the Gospel,health talk on covid,nutrition, malaria control,then immunisation of 100 children who had never been immunised, pregnant women had their antenatal. We were joined by midwife, district health educators, nurse, nutritionist and a pastor great, thumbs up for peace corps and MOTHER TO MANY CHILDREN

Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy

June 21 This young girl is now five years old , she was born with disability ( club feet) by the mum in pink ( who was an unmarried teenager) The mother rejected her initially and a grandma took up the care with Streams of Mercy help. Janis Homewood sent us money to correct her birth defect .Today the girl came to me to thank me and introduced me to her was very happy moment when the mother gave me a testimony that when she heard about our good heart she went to the nearest church and confessed Christ as Lord. she made my day. Thumbs up to Janis Homewood, for Christ using her to save two souls from the good heart

Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy

29 June Very busy today as we prepare for next week,eye clinic integrated approach, we are to handle, family hygiene, nutrition, domestic violence and the Gospel as we are to have many men in this outreach. Who says the Gospel was closed join me next week can't wait

1st July Today was my worst day, even though it stirred my heart to make sure my dream of having a safe home for the suffering children we support. I was having a health education session with our orphans living with HIV/AIDS in our library, through the talk I was prompted to ask a question on the challenges they went through, one girl of 14 years raised up her hand and before all the 20 friends asked me if she could tell me right there. I asked her if it needed my attention she told us she had already shared with friends along the way as they were coming to the center. So I ask her to speak out. she says ‘I don't want to go back home because of three issues, defilement, segregation and mistreatment because I was born with HIV both parents dead and I miss food often because of stress.’

I expected the girl to cry but it was me who broke down for the first time before the orphans I love with all my heart,. I felt like boxing the air, beating up someone so many things rung around my mind, I excused myself and went and cried from my office. My prayer was ‘God finish our building - just rooms to accommodate just this type.’ Tomorrow I will be going to face the guardian now - the point is if the girl will sent away for good as she has no right in that family need your prayers’

Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy Streams of Mercy

Please continue to pray for this work. SoM UK is currently seeking a grant to help complete the Streams of Mercy Centre so that it will be of even greater use for the benefit of the community and the spread of the Gospel. We also hope to fund the sending out of another container of aid later this year. We thank God for the other organisations in Uganda who are helping Pastor Jimmy with provisions for the work – The Peace Corps and Mothers to many children. We also thank those of you who support us here in UK.

May GOD bless you.

Janis Homewood
International Director

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Posted on 2 Jul 2020