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Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update June 2020

     Director’s Note

I write this update on the day that the government set for most schools to open for more children. I know many of you are prayerful this day; that those returning may be kept safe, that the staff may be able to maintain confidence and positivity, and that parents may be able to be assured that they are making the right decision for them, their child and their extended family, whichever choice they have made. Nobody, not the scientists, the government, the teaching unions, the voices on Twitter that seem to be able to criticise every decision or announcement with no apparent experience of the situation themselves, not one of them can truly and confidently say that the way ahead is clear.

But we know the One who knows the way. Our God, all-sovereign, all-knowing and all-loving, keeps us in His arms, and enables us to have confidence in our own future; that, ultimately, He will take us home, in His own timing. I have taken great comfort in knowing His peace, and finding a consistency in His word to enable to me to ‘lift up my eyes to the mountains’ and know where my help comes from.

Sutton Schoolswork continues to communicate with all our schools. I have written to every headteacher, wishing them peace and safety, and assuring them of the prayers of the faithful of Sutton. Several of them have replied with gratitude, and have expressed their desire to have us back in their buildings as soon as possible. We have produced weekly assembly videos, and been delighted to see the numbers of views steadily building. The first one has been seen over 1,800 times, and the others are all being viewed in turn. Kate and Beca produced their ‘Grill a Christian’ style video and also made this available to all secondary schools.

If you would like to watch these videos yourself, then please visit our Youtube channel and take some time out to view them. Any comments, positive or negative, would be gratefully received. If you subscribe to the channel, you can be kept updated when new ones come online.
Click here for the link to our YouTube account.

I have also written to every church leader, letting them know of our work, and reminding them that we are still active, and to keep us in the prayers of their own fellowships, so that we are always underpinned by the prayers of the faithful, asking the Spirit to enable us to continue in our work, despite the difficulties.

I always express my gratitude to you all, and this month is no different. We move into the last 6 weeks of the school year very much changed from this time last year. Two new members of our team (Beca and Abby), new commitment from Trusts to finance our projects, new relationships being built up within Sarah’s new role, and with Kate and Beca launching their series of PSHE subjects; but everything suddenly on hold.

Nevertheless, we preach Jesus, and the Good News that His resurrection brings. Please continue to join with us in praying for our young people, children and staff around this borough, that through all of this we may see God’s Kingdom Come.

I will finish with one of my favourite verses. A big part of my faith is the unshakeable belief that knowing Jesus means a different life, and is rooted in the words of our Lord in John 10:10 –

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’.

May you know this truth, and be prayerful as you seek this fulness of life for others.

Bless you all

Simon Ellingham

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Posted on 15 Jun 2020