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Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update May 2020

     Director’s Note

The world has changed!

I certainly don’t need to list the ways in which it has been altered for everyone: I imagine most of you spend some time every day discussing with someone the current situation, and sharing our personal observations. What is worth noting is the change to Sutton Schoolswork – and I shared much of that last month as we closed down operations due to all the schools telling us that we couldn’t come in to any of them.

However, prayers were asked for, and prayers have been answered!
Ephesians 3:20 comes to mind…. ‘God is able to do immeasurably more…….’
Sarah produced a video of the Easter Experience and shared it online via Youtube (click here to view: It was a compilation of some of the preview performances from recent years and she was able to create the whole event with some additional introductory material. As of today it’s had over 950 views, and we have received really positive feedback. Several schools have responded and indicated a desire for more material. Consequently she created another video of an assembly style presentation, circulated it to all schools and waited for their replies. Already we’ve had nearly 20 of them come back positively asking for even more, and I know of some that have included the video in their online provision. Abby is working with Sarah to produce regular assembly material for all schools to utilise if possible. I know some schools provide a weekly online assembly to maintain good contact with their pupils, and we have begun to produce and offer one assembly story a week. Last week’s one has had over 1300 views, and yesterday’s one has had over 200 in one day!

Kate and Beca began to produce weekly challenges to circulate on social media feeds, and maintain contact with our young people who attend CUs, and also received some good feedback. We’ve also contacted all our school RE department leads to offer our support through online provision, and are hoping for a similar uptake.

I am making contact with all church leaders to continue to offer our own support to their children, as many of them are also trying to find ways to communicate with them, and we may be able to assist.

These are strange times for us all, and we too have been trying to find our path, given the fact that our core role is simply not possible. However, we serve a God who is more than able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine, so we seek Him, and trust He will open doors that we otherwise would never have considered existed.

Please continue to pray for our work as seek to serve the pupils and teachers of Sutton. I was reading an article this week in the latest Barnabas Fund circulation, and I was struck by a passage that reminded me that our brothers and sisters in many countries see Covid-19 very differently to us. In the West we seem to regard this episode as extraordinary, life-changing and possibly even bringing the thought of the ‘end times’. It is challenging our faith in ways we didn’t see coming, and we are struggling to adapt. For our friends in countries like Kenya, Somalia, Pakistan etc, this is just another event; they face famine, pestilence, plague, oppression, restrictions every day, and they maintain a constant, life-affirming faith in a Risen Saviour through each one of those challenges.

I pray to my God for that same faith, that enables me to know the God who is able to do immeasurably more…..

God bless you, and may He see you through these times to a stronger place.

1. Pray that schools will make use of the online materials

Pray for the children who are off school that they will adapt to home learning. 
1. Please pray for the Schools in Sutton, that they will make use of and see the resources that we are putting together.
2. Please also pray for the students, that we are able to reach out to them, that they too can make use of new materials and they will feel as supported as possible during this time. 

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Posted on 2 May 2020