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News from the Cools family - July 2019

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It's been a while since we wrote an update. Quite a lot has happened since we last wrote. But first of all: thank you all for you continued support. Here is a short rundown of what we did in the last few months.

At the end of February we had a short outreach trip to a town a few hours north called Cooktown. Cooktown is fairly remote and was cut off that weekend due to the roads being flooded. We were privileged to be able to fly there from Mareeba. Our family joined the 4 flight training students for a long weekend of connecting with a church there and doing some outreach.

David, Matt, Keith and Tali (the students) shared at a high school about why they are training to be pilots, and shared a testimony on the Friday night at the first youth gathering in a long time. We put on a barbecue on the Saturday afternoon to bless some of the staff and students from the Christian School in Cook. We also brought up baked goods made by a Mareeba staff member and musical instruments for the Sunday service, where we helped with leading worship and sharing a testimony again. It was great to be reminded of how MAF is needed around the world to bring in outside services when communities are cut off due to flooding, etc.

On board plane

Quite soon after the trip to Cooktown, we had a little holiday with Hans' mum, who visited us for a few weeks from Belgium. It was good to spend some time with family and reconnect with Hans' mum. The girls also loved having 'Moeke Lie' around for that time, and we were able to have some lovely day trips showing Hans' mum around.


Over the last few months we've had some busy and not so busy spells at the Flight Training Centre (FTC) and home. Olivia has just started her third term in 'Prep' (first year of school here), and is loving it. We celebrated her 6th birthday on Monday! Melissa is tracking along slowly (part time) with her degree in International Aid and Development, and is about 1/3 through it now.

The girls were part of a group of Mareeba MAF kids who filmed a clip for the annual Father's Day MAF fundraiser. They loved singing the song about their 'MAF dad' with the other kids, and you'll need to stay tuned in September to see the finished product!

At the Flight Training Centre Hans had an instructor upgrade a few weeks ago, which he passed. He has been working on night rating and commercial licence training with Tali, David and Keith. Below are a few pictures of the last few months.

On board plane

Prayer Points:

1. We have less students coming next term than expected. Please pray that we will get a new flow of students in the beginning of next year, and that the Papua New Guinea course/students will be able to get their finances and visas accordingly.

2. We will be on furlough in the UK and Belgium in the beginning of October. Please pray for the preparations for this.

3. Please pray for David, Keith and Tali as they finish off their training here with us, and for future direction for them. Also pray for Tali, as she is getting married soon, and her fiance is from Myanmar, so she has some visa issues.



On Friday evening every other week the FTC usually meet with the students and some of the staff for fellowship and teaching. One of the families has moved back home to take up the MAF Switzerland CEO position. We will miss them dearly, but we know that they are where God is leading them.

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Posted on 23 Jul 2019