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Building works in the church

During the summer the lighting in the church will be upgraded to a modern system producing brighter illumination and allowing us to vary the lighting according to the needs of the moment.

Construction site - No unauthorised entry

Because of this, please note that from Monday 22 July until Friday 6 September part of St Andrew’s premises will be a designated construction site. Nobody may enter the area during the designated times without the express permission on each occasion of the site supervisor, Mr Ross Jones of CES. This is a legal requirement and is for the safety of all concerned.

The area affected will be the church including the vestibule, all the areas leading off the vestibule, the gallery, the war memorial and flower cupboards and all the lofts above these areas.

The restriction to access will be in place from 8:00am each Monday continuously to 4:00pm each Friday. In addition the gallery will have restricted access at all times on all days, but those with a need to access the two cupboards at the back of the gallery may do so between 4:00pm on Friday and 8:00am on Monday.

The chapel, chapel vestibule, the corridor leading from the church’s internal ramp to the back door and everything from the choir vestry westwards are not affected. The doors from the church to the corridor and from the church to the chapel vestibule will normally be locked and should not be unlocked by anyone not authorised to do so by Mr Jones. Some materials including an access tower will be stored in the west aisle of the church at weekends and should not be touched, in particular by children.

Subject to the above, it is anticipated that we will be able to hold our Sunday services in the church, and the chapel can be opened to the public as usual.

Peter Campbell Smith


Posted on 15 Jul 2019