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SSW: Prayer update for July

Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update July 2019

     Director’s Note
As I sit in my office, I am constantly drawn to a verse I have displayed on my wall. Psalm 78:4 ‘We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders’. What are these ‘glorious deeds’, ‘power’ and ‘mighty wonders’? Well, this month has been one when we have been all too aware of the amazing power of our Lord and have delighted in being part of his plans. Let me tell you some of the ways we have been excited…

Financially, God has exceeded our expectations. It’s my belief that God will supply all our needs and he has truly done so. God’s people have been faithful and generous, and I can only assume that’s because our Lord has moved people to believe in and support our work. It gives us even more motivation to develop even more opportunities. He has truly given us more than we need!

Which leads me to believe, supported by our Trustees, that God has given us more so that we can do more! Plans are already underway to consider how we can best find ways to spread our Lord’s work, and to develop more avenues for his kingdom to come.

We have dreamed big dreams, and God has given clear signs that he wants us to do so. Our plans for next year are bigger and better, and we are praying for finance and volunteers to allow us to bring these to fruition. We prayed at a recent staff meeting for God to give clear signs of his hand, and bring new people into our work, and within minutes the telephone rang with a man telling us God had asked him to call us, offering his help, who turns out to be exactly the person we’re praying for! That simply stunned us all, and I cannot tell you how excited we all are for the developments this may bring.

Schools have contacted us asking for bookings for next year. This is not unusual, but we have been especially delighted to have some secondary schools do so, asking us for additional input that wasn’t wanted last year. One school has been Cheam High, and I would value your prayers for our engagement with that school, as they were delighted with a series of sessions we did with them this year and have already booked the same for early next term. They wanted to share with us the feedback from the pupils and we were delighted to see that the workshops had made a significant impact on the year 8 children, and we are praying that this may give us fresh inroads into this school, probably the largest in the south of London.

These are only a few of the ‘deeds of the Lord’, I could easily tell you more. I will give a much more detailed report in my end of school year summary that will be produced at the end of the term, but, in the meantime, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers, urge you to continue to petition our Lord, and to praise him for his wonderful provision.

We serve a truly glorious Lord!

Simon Ellingham, Director

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Primary Prayer Requests
  1. Transit workshops: 1st – 12th July
  • That we can raise the funds to help support the resources we use/give out
  • For the young people & volunteers helping, that they can be confident, remember what they are doing & have lots of fun leading the workshops
  • For the year 6’s as they finish primary school & get ready to start high school, pray that these workshops are really fun & useful for them
  1. Volunteers: Please continue to pray for more volunteers, the more volunteers we have the more we can do in Sutton schools! We have lots of things already booked into the calendar for next year so please pray that we have an abundance of volunteers to help deliver these things.
          Summer Break
  1. Pray for a good summer break for all the pupils, teachers & SSW staff/volunteers that work in primary schools, that it can be enjoyable, restful & restoring time.

Secondary Prayer Requests
  1. Bookings  As we approach the end of summer term, please pray that schools will begin to book lessons and assemblies in for next year.
          Christian Unions
  1. Please pray for the setup of new Christian Unions. In September, we should be setting up new CU’s in Stanley Park & Sutton High (God willing!)
        Thanksgiving for the 6th form conference.
  1. Thanking God for everything that has happened this term – particularly the 6th Form Conference Day on Feminism. We had some great feedback and it was an amazing day!
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Posted on 6 Jul 2019