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SSW: March prayer update

Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update March 2019

     Director’s Note

I received a card from a supporting friend this morning. In it, he had written out one of my favourite Bible verses, and it made me smile once more as I considered it.
John 10 v. 10 ‘I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full’.
I never cease to be thankful for these little messages of encouragement. Many of our supporting friends contact us in the office; some by phone, some by email, and occasionally a beautifully considered and written letter or card. Each one is a representation of a faithful believer, who commits themselves to prayer for the young people and children of this borough, and we are so thankful to God for them.

This particular verse is of significance as we are encountering so many young people in our schools who are hearing conflicting messages through so many different voices. It is our prayer that they might hear, maybe through our work with them, the one message that saves, that transforms, that forgives. Our school children are facing so many different choices, each one of them seeming to promise so much yet ultimately deliver so little, and we need to enable the clarion call of the Gospel to be heard through all this mess.

February has seen us involved in so many ways; Sarah Skinner has conducted numerous assemblies, Iwonder spaces and RE days, and is now entering the Easter Experience phase! Kate Travers has been involved in assemblies, lessons and Christian Unions, and has organised the launch of our newest CU, starting in the first week of March. Sara Kalembo continues to support the administrative work, maintaining our ‘public’ face through our website and Facebook, with the occasional gaps of wonder as yet another financial donation pops out of a letter.

And I’ve been transitioning from keeping the Secondary Schools work running to inducting Kate into her post, handing over many of the bookings, and supporting her as she gets going, into more of a managerial role, concentrating on some of the wider challenges and opportunities we face.

We’ve been invited in to schools and asked to express our faith in question and answer sessions, lessons during which we can clearly present the Gospel, and assemblies where we are encouraged to tell of our beliefs and offer children the chance and the encouragement to consider them for themselves. Contrary to what many seem to believe, or schools, on the whole, welcome the chance to tell young people that faith is a viable option, and God is most certainly not dead!
We are so aware that this cannot be happening without someone praying for us, and we all wish to thank you for your prayers. Petitioning our Lord to inspire, enthuse and empower our work is fundamental to its ‘success’, and thank you, thank you, thank you for your offerings to Him.

Obviously I cannot give you individual details, but, rest assured, we are touching young people, and they are responding. I can tell you that we recently attended Carshalton High School for Girls, and many of the girls at our sessions indicated they wanted to know more about Jesus, and would happily attend any events we organised that enabled them to simply come and ask more questions. We are in the process of sorting these out now, so please pray that these girls may be given those opportunities and grasp them, and that we may see these chances open at other schools.

Once again, thank you for your prayers. And may God bless you in your own lives, that you too may know ‘Life in all its fulness’.

Simon Ellingham

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Primary Prayer Requests

Secondary Prayer Requests
1. Parent Prayer Groups
Please pray that we are able to make contact with as many schools as possible to set up parent prayer groups. A great opportunity for us to get to know parents.
2. RE lessons
We have a number of these booked in over the next couple of months so please pray that they will all go smoothly and we can get the message of Jesus out to as many students as possible! 

3. Christian Unions 
Thank God for allowing us into a number of CU’s at various schools so far, please pray further into this so we can get even more set up.
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Posted on 2 Mar 2019