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SSW: February prayer update

Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update February 2019

     Director’s Note
My church is just embarking on a series of studies on the work of Watchman Nee, specifically his book entitled ‘Sit, Walk, Stand’. My eyes were particularly drawn this morning to the words ‘For Christianity begins not with a big DO, but with a big DONE’. I am reminded that, however hard I work, however much effort I plough into my life, nothing will draw me closer to Christ. It is Him alone, and what He has accomplished already, that defines my salvation. He has won it for me, and I can rejoice in the knowledge that, despite my failings and weaknesses, I am His by His grace, and I don’t have to earn anything.

And this is not it. He doesn’t just let me know this and expect me now to get on with my life. He pours out His Spirit on me so that I can now do His work, not in my own strength, but in and with and through His power. What a Saviour! And, because of this, I am empowered to go out and perform mighty deeds in His name. And this is fuelled by the prayers of the saints, for which we are so grateful. Without your faithful requests for the Lord to enrich what we attempt, we would be flapping about in the dark. I am so thankful for all the praying believers of Sutton and surrounding areas, whose daily petitions maintain us in our desire to see souls won for Christ.

I am delighted to report that we continue to grow; Kate Travers, the new Secondary Schools Worker, has hit the ground running and is already getting herself known in several schools and has started delivering lessons and workshops already. Sarah Skinner continues to engage with hundreds of primary age children and thrill them with the news of a risen saviour, and Sara Kalembo never stops smiling in the office as she engages with our legion of supporters. Our volunteers, who are absolute trojans in the faith, give up their time to assist with and support the work, and our family of supporting churches is expanding. Schools are contacting us for assistance, and we are making new bookings weekly. Preparations for Easter Experience are hotting up, and we are getting closer to our Big Borough Quiz Night. Our newsletter and Facebook page will provide more detail of actual activity, but if I could simply ask you to continue to be on your knees for the work of SSW as we seek to enlarge God’s kingdom, for His glory alone, then I know that will enrich everything we do. I thank God daily for His provision, His power and His grace, and I know many of you pray regularly for our work, and I thank God for you as well.

May you know His blessing as you seek to share the love of Christ in your own lives.

Simon Ellingham

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Primary Prayer Requests
1. Volunteers
 Please do continue to pray for volunteers, thanking God for the ones we have who are all amazing but also praying for more. We still need more volunteers for all different aspects of our work as well as young volunteers to help with our year 6 ‘Transit’ workshops in July. 

2. Easter Experience
Pray for any casting gaps to be filled
Pray for the cast members as they learn their lines and remember their blocking.
Pray for the new cast members joining us
Pray for the rehearsals that will be starting this month, that they will be productive, helpful and fun.
Pray for the cast members health and energy levels during this time.
Pray that everything will fall into place with ease and no stress or problems, ready for schools to come along in March. 


Secondary Prayer Requests
1. New Schools
Please pray for the Schools we are currently not working in that we will get the right contacts within these schools and we can develop a great working relationship with them so we can reach out to even more young people.
2. New Contacts
Thank God for the amazing new contacts that we have discovered over the past month as well as the schools and teachers that we already hold great working relationships with. Prayers that even more opportunities will come our way from all of our schools. 

3. Christian Union Groups
Please pray for the Christian Union groups, some which are already up and running whereas others need development, prayers that these Christian Unions will be seen as a really exciting, positive thing for the students to come along to and they will begin to recognise us as we go in on a more regular basis.
Good News Story - Faith in Action - Sarah Skinner
I recently met with a teacher to talk about an upcoming RE day. The day is all about Faith in Action and in one session the children hear the story of Jackie Pullinger and they then make a class kindness jar where they each come up with an idea of how they can show kindness to someone else. This teacher had been involved in the same RE day last year and said that they kept their kindness jar and every week they had taken a suggestion out of it and had a challenge of doing that kind thing that week, at the end of the week they would then share with each other how they had done it. 
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Posted on 2 Feb 2019