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SSW: Prayer update - January

Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update January 2019

     Director’s Note
Can somebody tell me where 2018 went? I only just got used to putting it as part of the date, and then it seems to have disappeared! Apparently I now have to get used to writing a 9 instead of an 8. I don’t know, things weren’t like this in the old days!

How would you describe 2018? For me, it’s been a year when God moved in a new way, and I found myself serving Him in totally different areas, ones I did not expect when the year kicked off. The good news is that He is involved in schools, He’s speaking to people old and young across the borough, and we are seeing new doors opening up. And He’s using people, just like you and me, to spread the boundaries of His kingdom, bringing new believers to share in His glories.

I’ve summed up each month what He has done, and it’s been fantastic to be able each time to describe how He has been inspiring, teaching, moving and speaking to so many young people. There have been prayer items each time, as we have thanked Him for what He has done, and asked Him, in His grace, to bless the plans we have and to bring fruit. We can certainly testify to the number of times He has answered those prayers, and we thank you for supporting us this year. Once more, I humbly ask you to support us through your prayers, first of all giving Him all the glory, simply for who He his and what He’s already done, then in expectation of further blessing to come, to ask for even more!

Please pray for the effectiveness of the Discover Christmas event that we ran in 15 schools to be continuing into this new year. The message was not just for December, and we were able to focus the end of each event with a description of the resurrection of Jesus, and leave them with that image as a lasting memory. It is our prayer that this doesn’t get left behind on December 25th, and we can re-visit those schools and develop the truth of the whole story, not just the baby in the manger.

Please continue to pray for assemblies in Primary Schools. Our faithful team deliver over 40 each half term, and this new year is no different. Amongst this we are also planning for our Easter Experience. Although we don’t truly get going until February at Carshalton Methodist, booking the schools in can take some degree of planning, and Sarah would love to know the strength of the prayers of the faithful as she contacts all the schools.

And pray for our new Secondary Schools Worker, Kate Travers. She gets going on the 2nd January, and she is raring to start! We’ve managed to be involved in several schools this term, despite having no full-time worker (thank you God) and she’s going to have lots of work to get stuck into. 4 schools have active Christian Unions, 3 schools have asked us to deliver sessions, 3 have regular assemblies throughout the term, and over all we have managed to maintain contact with 11 of the 15. Please pray for Kate as she gets going, and that she (and the team of helpers we’ve built around us) is able to witness within our schools in ways that speak so clearly to individuals that they respond in their hearts. I would also ask for prayer that we might get into every school, and be effective and regular in all of them.

And pray for Sara in the office. So often the support staff, who do exactly what it says on the tin, ‘support’, get a little forgotten. She’s an invaluable member of the team and needs the strength of the Lord as much as any of us.

Thank you for all your prayers, both large and small ones. The little, quickly spoken prayers can be just as effective. Every time someone remembers us to our Lord, something amazing can happen. Please continue to petition on our behalf, and let God take the glory!

Simon Ellingham

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Primary Prayer Requests
       1. Volunteers
Please do continue to pray for volunteers, thanking God for the ones we have who are all amazing but also praying for more. We would like to have a bigger pool of volunteers so that we can develop new things.

         2. Discover Christmas
Thank God that Discover Christmas went so well. There was such a good response from the children, teachers and schools.

       3. Transit
Please pray for young people aged 16-25 to sign up to volunteer for the Transit project and for more schools to sign up.

Secondary Prayer Requests
1. Pray for our newest member of staff
Please pray for Kate, our new secondary worker that she will settle in well and make the job her own.
2. New Contacts
Thank God for new contacts and schools such as Harris Academy. Please pray for Kate that she will be able to make new contacts especially in schools where we are currently not working.
                Get Creative 
Please pray for our children, young people and their teachers that they will have a wonderful time with family and friends and  a good rest over Christmas and New Year. That they will come back ready for the new term.   
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Posted on 1 Jan 2019