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SSW: Christmas newsletter


It’s that time of year again!

Every year I try to make sure I concentrate on the real meaning of Christmas. I’m sure we’re all quite similar, we know the real ‘reason for the season’, and we set out with the best of intentions to ensure Jesus is central and pivotal. I don’t know about you, but it seems that every year I have to remind myself at some point to re-visit that determination, as the busyness encroaches into the peace. Once again, this year, I want to keep my Lord central, and never take my eyes off His coming, so that His purpose in coming is never hidden amongst all the trappings.

Since starting at Sutton Schoolswork, I have been simply overwhelmed with the opportunities to tell others of His love that I have been presented with. Several schools have engaged with us, young people have heard for the first time that there is a loving Saviour, and He is knowable, and more churches have joined us in this work. We are privileged in our office in that we get to hear stories of how people are engaging with God, being impacted by His love, and it is so wonderful each and every time.

It is my prayer that this Christmas, because of the work being done by so many people across this borough in our schools, that more people than last year will pause to reflect, to ask themselves ‘why?’ and, because they have met with a believer, they will consider a new answer. Please join with me in this desire, as we encourage so many of the young people and children we engage with to think about Jesus, that more may say ‘Lord, here I am, have me’.

Bless you all at this time. You might get want you want, you might not, but you already have everything you need, and His name is Jesus.

Simon Ellingham


I was born and raised in a committed Christian family and throughout my teenager years I made my faith my own. At Soul Survivor one year, I had a deep encounter with God that led me to know I was called to youth ministry. I went on to train at Oasis College, graduating in a degree of Youth Work & Theology. Over the last five years I’ve gained lots of experience in youth work in Churches, schools, colleges, charities and some mission work overseas.

When I first came across Sutton Schoolswork, I thought it was a truly amazing charity that I would love to work for, and now this is reality! I strongly feel that Sutton Schoolswork is the place where God has wanted me to be all along. I feel extremely blessed to be joining the team! I’m so excited about the future and can’t wait to meet you all!

I LOVE Christmas…everything about it. The food, the decorations, the giving and receiving of gifts, the Christmas Radio Times…and of course the amazing reason for our celebration. That stable, that star…and that baby.

For those of us who have been knocking around as Christians for a while, it’s easy to make assumptions that EVERYONE knows ‘the reason behind the season’, but sadly that’s no longer a reasonable assumption to make.

That’s why I also LOVE helping to take ‘Discover Christmas’ to primary school children around the borough. It’s thoroughly engaging, completely interactive…and in a very gentle way, tells the story – the WHOLE story actually – in ways that children will understand. 

It’s all in there – sin entering the world, Jesus coming as saviour at Christmas time, even his death and resurrection….and all told in ways that will thrill children, with glo-sticks and stickers, and maps to be coloured.  It’s a GREAT story…and ‘Discover Christmas’ is a great way of sharing it.

This term we were asked to be a part of a whole school RE day based on the theme of Light, so we created a new iwonder space to fit the theme and had the whole school, from reception to year 6, visit the space at different points during the day.

We started by thinking about how light is a good thing & how it is a very significant thing in the Christian faith. The children then split up into three smaller groups & had time in three different areas:
  1. ‘Let there be light!’ This area thought about how Christians believe God created the world & everything in it. The children made the things they liked in the world out of play-doh & thought about what makes them special & unique.
2. I am the light of the world’ This area focused on what it means for Christians for Jesus to be the light of the world & how that can bring them hope. The children made their own hopes & dreams paper chains & thought about anything they might like help or guidance with.
  3. Let your light shine before others’ This area thought about how Jesus told his followers to do the things that he did & how we can all be like a light shining in our world. The children got the chance to place a candle of light onto places in the world where we see darkness. They also thought about who they could help in their own lives & decorated some scratch paper to take home with them so they could remember to do this.
We also had a plasma ball that all the children were completely fascinated by!

iwonder spaces are such a great space for us to teach a little bit about what Christians believe but also to give the children the space to think about what it might mean to them & to wonder & reflect on their own lives. It was especially great to be able to create & do this iwonder space at a time of year when we are about to enter into advent & celebrate Jesus coming into the world to light up the darkness.
We love bringing these days to schools but we are still in need of volunteers to help with these spaces so please do get in touch if you would like to know more.

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Posted on 13 Dec 2018