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JPIT: Election, Green conference

The newsletter of Joint Public Issues Team

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Newsletter 110    September 2018

Dear Friends,

Since we last spoke, a lot has happened. We passed the October 31 Brexit deadline, and remained in the EU. After a series of votes, a General Election was called for December 12.

Over the past few months, the Brexit impasse has divided and coarsened debate, and has limited our ability to push for change on issues of justice and peace. This election is about more than just Brexit – it is an opportunity to call for justice and peace through our decision making. That’s why this campaign period, we’re inviting you to engage deeply and lovingly with those around you, and the options before us. Find out more below.

In other news, excitement is growing for our 2020 conference. With recent extreme global weather events, including in the UK, we have been reminded of the need for fresh and urgent responses to the climate crisis. This newsletter also contains an exciting announcement about our advent activities this year.

It is easy to feel disheartened, frustrated and tired by our political situation. However, we continue to be invited to trust in a God who is able to do‘far more than we can ask or imagine’ (Ephesians 3:20).

Every blessing for the month ahead,

Hannah & Roo

General Election

We are almost two weeks into the campaigning period for the General Election on December 12. In the first December election since 1923, the UK is facing a lot of new challenges. Amidst a political atmosphere that has been divisive, we are inviting you to ‘Love, Pray, Vote’ as you engage in this election.

Why Love, Pray, Vote? We think that as Christians, we can show love in action during this election by thinking about how our voice affects others, and using this opportunity to listen to those around us as we seek to build God’s kingdom. Read more about this here.

We have produced policy briefings to help Christians engage with key issues in this election. 

They include important information, questions for reflection and questions to ask your candidates. You can find them here:

General Election Briefings

Spotlight on: Hustings

Lots of churches will be hosting hustings events over the next four weeks, to help their communities engage with the issues in this election. We have produced guidance to help these events be of most value to the community, including practical support, information on regulations and format suggestions. You can find these here.

It is perfectly acceptable for churches to hold hustings during this election. In fact, it is encouraged! If you’re worried about the regulations, take a look at our advice or get in touch at

Could you host a People’s Politics Election Meeting, to raise up the voices of your community? Find out more here.

We would love to hear how you are engaging with the General Election. Get in touch at, tweet us @publicissues or let us know on Facebook @jointpublicissues.

Don’t forget to use #LovePrayVote and #GE19.

Tickets are on the move for our 2020 Conference, taking place in Derby on Saturday 7 March. Over the last month, we’ve been sharing more about our keynote speakers – find out more about them here.

We’re really excited to create a space where we can bring our imaginations, innovation and enthusiasm to respond to climate and human injustice. We want to go away feeling inspired to pioneer change in our churches and communities, to build God’s kingdom where we are.

Get your tickets here:

JPIT Conference Tickets

Spotlight on: Green Conference

We want to make the conference as Green as possible. That’s why we’re inviting you to bring a cup for hot drinks, a packed lunch with as little waste as possible and to use public transport. The conference is only 10 minutes from the train station!Find out more here.

This year, we are proud to say that we are hosting the Natwivity!

Join us as we tell the story of Jesus’ birth on social media, tweeting and posting every day during December.

This years’ tweets are written by Revd Lucy Berry, our poet in residence. We’ll be exploring how the nativity brings in those on the margins to the heart of the story, giving us a chance to hear the gospel from unlikely messengers...

Follow the Natwivity on Twitter

Follow the Natwivity on Facebook 

This year, as we gather round the manger once again, how might the unlikely messengers of God’s story be revealed to us now? Join with us in looking deeper at what the radical message of this story could be, and the unlikely people we hear it from today.

Find Reflection Resources Here

How could you be talking about Public Issues this month?

As we approach a General Election, you can help those around you engage lovingly with the issues being discussed.

Over the coming weeks, could you:

  • Create safe and welcoming spaces for people from different background and viewpoints to discuss important issues.
  • Listen to those who are different from you, particularly voices from the margins of society. Seek to understand their priorities, and help raise their voice where it might not otherwise be heard.
  • Share information and questions about the key issues, using our policy briefings.
  • Pray with your community, spend time in God’s presence and seek to be open to God’s guidance.

It is also important that we seek the truth during this election period. It isn’t always easy to know when we are being told the truth. You could use resources such as Full Fact to check the statements you have heard. Find it here.

All We Can is inviting you to do something extraordinary this Christmas. You can order church resources, download a film to play and order alternative gifts for your loved ones at

Dates for your Diary

17 November - International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians. Find out more here 

17–24 November - Prisoners’ Week Scotland. Find resources here.

10 December - Human Rights Day. Find out more here.

18 December - International Migrants Day. Find out more here.  

28 January - The Next Step: Getting involved in government and politics after University. Hosted by Christians in Politics at the Palace of Westminster. Book your place here.

To publicise an event or project, or to follow up on any of the issues mentioned here, contact us on
Joint Public Issues Team | Methodist Church House | 25 Marylebone Road | London | NW1 5JR


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