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SOLAS: What would Jesus say to Boris Johnson?

With recent highlights, prayer points and how you can get involved
We live in uncertain, increasingly divided times. Here in the UK, politics seems as divisive as ever, as the 77th Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has just come into office. A hugely polarising figure, people seem to either love him or loathe him (I’m sure our Canadian and US readers can’t imagine what having a divisive figure as national leader would look like!) and people across the political divides seem more concerned with shouting at each other than working together for peace.

The good news is that if the gospel is true, it has something to say to times as turbulent as these and so this month, Solas writer Gavin Matthews’ latest piece for The Scotsman newspaper and Andy Bannister’s latest SHORT/ANSWERS video tackle the question “What would Jesus say to Boris Johnson?” The answer may surprise you.

As we were recording that video in a local coffee shop, when the coffee shop owner heard the title of the video we were recording she laughed out loud and then said: “I wish the Church spoke about these contemporary topics more frequently!” We agree entirely and it’s our goal at Solas to show how Christianity has something to say to every area of life: from science to suffering, poverty to politics, economics, to the environment. If Jesus’s claims are true, everything changes.

We hope you find this month’s content helpful and inspiring. Thanks for praying for us—and a special thank you to those who support Solas on a regular basis: it continues to make our work of evangelism and training possible.
Andy Bannister
Director, Solas Centre for Public Christianity
Three Highlights from July
  1. The Refuel festival in Fochabers, on the banks of the River Spey, brought people from all over the country together for worship, teaching, fun and fellowship in glorious sunshine. Solas’ Andy Bannister led the apologetics and evangelism teaching stream, helping Christians to be confident, enthusiastic, gracious everyday evangelists when they return home. It was wonderful to be part of such a great community of worshippers, disciples, and people who had come to find out more about Jesus.
  2. On our website this month, Rebecca McLaughlin’s brilliant article, “Why it’s time for us to go on the offensive” explains our ethos of pushing forward in evangelism! Read it here.
  3. Andy Bannister was also on the speaking team for the RZIM Summer School in Canada. This year’s theme was “All Nature Sings: God and the Natural World” and explored not only how Christians should carefully steward God’s creation, but also how we should respond to the apologetic challenge that Christianity is perceived to be bad for it. The delegates who gathered in Nova Scotia from across Canada and the USA were challenged to think though and apply a biblical worldview to one of the great issues of the day. Sharp, Biblical thinking is ultimately all about honing and shaping our gospel witness in today’s world; and it was great to be part of this conference.
Prayer Points
Please pray for these upcoming events and opportunities where Andy is speaking.
  • 3-9 August: Creation Fest, Cornwall
  • 4 Sept: 'Quench' (curry house!) event for Stirling Baptist Church
  • 17 Sept: Glasgow University Lunchbar (topic: Evidence for the Resurrection)
  • 21 Sept: Speaking @ REBOOT in London
  • 26 Sep: Apologetics training half day for “Breathe” (youth ministry), Perth
  • 28 Sept: Teaching for Christians involved in reaching Muslims in Dundee
  • 28 Sept: Young adults Q&A / ‘Quench’ type event @ Blend coffeeshop for The Gate Church, Dundee
  • 6 Oct: Preaching @ Tayside Christian Fellowship, Perth
  • 11-13 Oct: Confident Christianity conference and events in Salisbury
Searching for a second speaker:
We’d really value your prayers as we continue to look for a second Solas speaker, with the right skills and experience in evangelism and apologetics to drive our work forward. Please pray that the Lord would lead us to the right person quickly, as there is so much work to be done. The opportunities for gospel work outstrip our ability to meet them several times over. Please would you commit to praying for us regularly until we have a second speaker?
New Short Answers
New episodes of Short Answers are regularly published here.
Watch on our website
Another new Short Answers - “Is Christianity a Psychological Crutch?” is available here.
Solas is only able to do this work because of the faithful praying and giving of God’s people. While we usually share the costs of ministry with partner churches and events, Solas covers all the costs of student ministry, simply because students don’t have much money! Student ministry is particularly fruitful though, and we are really keen to get onto the campuses and share the gospel whenever we possibly can. Your gift can help us do more of this crucial work: if you’re not already supporting us and would like to help Solas do more evangelism, you can do so for as little as £3 a month. As a thank you, we’ll send you Andy’s book The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist. Start giving today!

We were encouraged last month that several of our prayer-supporters contacted us with their prayer requests too. We pray together as a team each week, and would love to hear from you, and how we can pray for you. Please do email us if you’d like us to pray for you.
Solas Centre for Public Christianity
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Posted on 9 Aug 2019

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