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Tearfund: Rohingya crisis


Dear Peter,

Rojeya* has seen things that no child should see. As you may have read, she experienced first hand the worst of the violence perpetrated against her community, the Rohingya people. Today, I’m asking you to offer your prayers as a matter of urgency.

Countless Rohingya children, like Rojeya, have witnessed their loved ones get killed. Military forces destroyed 392 Rohingya villages. Refugees in Bangladesh reported continuing abuses, including killings and sexual violence.

It’s a desperate situation, but your prayers can make a difference.

My heart breaks when I think about Rojeya. She watched as her childhood home was burnt down. Along with her family, she ran for her life, but her younger brothers didn’t make it. They were killed in front of her, one thrown into the fire as their village was set alight.

After the horrors that so many children like Rojeya have endured, the child-friendly spaces that our local partners are creating help them to just be children again.

Please continue to pray for the Rohingya refugees. For more information, and for the opportunity to contribute towards this work, please visit our website. The whole team and I are so thankful for your support, which brings comfort to people like Rojeya.

Yours in Christ,

Nigel Harris
CEO, Tearfund

*Name changed to protect identity

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Posted on 13 Jul 2019

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