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SOLAS: The reluctant missionary

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The word of the Lord came to Jonah…:
“Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it.”

So begins the career of history’s most reluctant missionary. Jonah’s resistance arose from his fear that the Ninevites would listen to God’s word and live. That’s completely the opposite to the kind of fear that makes Christians reluctant in mission today. Many assume that people don’t want to hear the message. However, as Solas works around the country we continue to find that there are people who are really interested in hearing about Jesus. Thankyou for praying and helping us as we see people to listen to God’s word and live!
New Short Answers - Series Two begins...
What's wrong with multi-faith events?
In our increasingly divided world, some people think the way to bring people together is to promote multifaith events, which try to blend different religious traditions together. There are far better ways to unite people without ignoring the major differences between them.
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Given the legacy of the Church why should I take Christianity seriously?
Many people are attracted to Jesus but put off by some of the historical failures of the Church and of Christians. Is there a way to clear away some of the baggage that sometimes prevents people seeing Jesus clearly?
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Sharing Short Answers
Short Answers videos are designed to be shared, which is why we put them freely up on the web, and they are not hidden behind a paywall. These films have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, and the feedback has been great. Please help us to get them seen more and more widely!
You can share these in a number of ways:
  • If you follow Solas on Facebook you can “like”, and “share” directly from the page.
  • You can share publically, or send the link as a message to a particular person.
  • On Twitter, you can “like” and “re-tweet” these to all your followers.
  • Do it the old-fashioned way and paste a link to a film into an e-mail!
  • Feel free to embed these in blogs/websites.
  • Download them and show them in church, youthgroups, café’s etc
  • Almost fifty of these films are now available here:
  • Share these short links today and
April Highlights
  • Easter Evangelism in Inverness: Andy spoke to a full-house at the Kingsmills hotel in Inverness. Culduthel Christian Centre filled the place with their non-Christian friends, who enjoyed a meal, listened to Andy’s talk, and engaged in the Q&A. Organiser Angus Jamieson said, ”We had 60 guests of whom about two-thirds had no Christian faith, and Andy’s talk was excellent and well-judged for this audience. His easy manner and sense of humour made it more like a friendly chat than a sermon. We then had a Q&A session which was fun but yet informative too. We were really grateful for the way Andy was willing to address questions on the spot! The feedback from the guests was very positive and I know has sparked subsequent conversations.”
  • An Exciting New Project: “Genexis”: Paul Downes QC, invited Andy Bannister down to Coventry to help launch a major new project called Genexis. Starting in September, Coventry Cathedral will play host to a series of public lectures about God, Christianity and faith; from truly great and original thinkers. The likes of Ard Louis, N.T. Wright, John Lennox and Sharon Dirckx will argue for the reasonableness od faith. More details on this excellent video clip:
  • Spring Harvest: Spring Harvest reaches 40 years of age this year! Andy Bannister was speaking every day at Minehead Week 2, helping to equip thousands of Christians with the tools they need to be effective ambassadors for Jesus today. Andy taught a series of four afternoon seminars, covering everything from how to talk to non-Christian friends, family and colleagues about Jesus without looking stupid (or getting fired!), to what it means to be human (are we just atoms and particles, as atheists claim, or more than that), to the historical evidence for the resurrection. By far the most popular seminar, that saw the venue filled to overflowing, even after the stewards had put out hundreds more chairs, was ‘Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?’ This is a question that gets to the heart of the profound differences between Islam and Christianity, between a view of God as distant, remote and concerned purely with commands, and a God who is relational, knowable, love, and who is concerned with our forgiveness, restoration, and transformation. Many people said that the seminar helped them see with fresh eyes the incredible character of the God of the Bible, especially as revealed in Jesus, and it gave them a fresh motivation to reach out to Muslim friends and neighbours with the gospel.
John Lennox Discount Offer Still Available
The special discount code for John Lennox new book, “Can Science Explain Everything” is still live. A sample chapter of the book is available on our website, with a discount code, and a link to the website to redeem it.
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Looking Ahead
  1. We are busy with the search for a second Solas speaker. We continue to be over-stretched, with many, many more invitations to speak at evangelism and evangelism-training events than we can accept. While we look for exactly the right person for this critical role, we’re also raising the funds to support this ministry. Already we have been given or pledged, more than 75% of the funds we need for the first year. If you are able to help us to get over the line, please click here to donate. Thank you for helping to make this possible!
  2. There are four “Confident Christianity” conferences planned around the country for the rest of 2019, and one already booked for 2020! These conferences help Christians to face some of the big life and faith questions, and equip them to share the gospel of Jesus sensitively, and faithfully. Full details are on our events page.
  3. Andy's diary for May includes:
    1. A week-long apologetics conference at Lee Abbey, Devon
    2. Cupar Youth Groups Meeting
    3. Outreach Dinner in Newton Mearns, Glasgow
    4. Evangelistic Curry night in Blairgowrie
    5. Confident Christianity Conference in Hampshire (Andy and a team)
    6. Union Theological Seminary Apologetics training
    7. The website will continue to grow this month with new Short Answers, testimonies apologetics articles, reviews, and news reports from Solas
Thank you so much for your support!
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Posted on 9 May 2019

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