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OpenLP: Adding sound or video items to the plan

Adding sound or video to the service plan

adding media

The process of adding sound or video to the service plan is very similar to that for adding images. Click on the Media bar of the library, click on the media item you want and click on ⊕ to add it to the plan.

To add a new media item to the library, first copy it to this location:


Then import it to the library by clicking on the disk symbol under Media.

When OpenLP plays an audio file it displays a simple image on the screen. If that is not what you want there are a number of other ways to do it:

  • Play the audio using VLC (link on the desktop) and use OpenLP to control the video
  • Use the caemra to provide the video while OpenLP plays the audio
  • Embed the audio in a Powerpoint slide
  • Play the audio using a separate device, eg a CD on the Panasonic DVD player

OpenLP tutorial

External documentation