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OpenLP: Adding a new song to the library

Adding a new song to the library

adding a song

If the song you want is not in the library you wil have to add it. Click on the small button ringed in red on the screenshot to the left. In the box that opens fill in the title and any alternate title.

Click on the 'Authors ...' tab, type (or select) the author of the words in the box immediately under 'Authors, and select Words in the grey box just below. The click on Add to song. Then do the same for the composer, selecting Music. If the words and music are by the same person, you can enter the name once and select Words and music.

adding a song

Now go back to the 'Title & lyrics' tab. You are going to add the lyrics (words) in segments such as first verse, second verse, (first) chorus and so on.

Click on Add. Type in the words of the first verse and then at the foot of the box select Verse and 1, and click onSave.

Once you have entered the whole song, indicate the verse order using 'V1', 'C1' and so on.

Note that to help the musicians we have decided to mark the very end of a song with a # symbol. If the song ends with a chorus, this means making a copy of the chorus as 'Chorus 2' and adding the # to that. So the verse order might look like 'V1 C1 V2 C1 V3 C1 V4 C2'.

When the song is complete click on Save. Look for it in the Library and double click on it. It will appear in the Preview pane with the verses in the order that will be displayed. If it isn’t quite right, you can right-click on the title in the Library and select Edit to go back to the editing mode.

You will see there is a maximum of 8 lines which can be displayed on the screen at once, and about six syllables fit in one line, so a long line of the song will take 2 or even 3 lines on the screen. If the verse is longer than will fit on one screen, choose an appropriate place where it can be split, place the cursor at the end of the line and click on 'Optional split'. You will then see the characters [---] inserted, showing where the verse will split.

The best place to split a verse depends on the structure of the song, but most commonly an 8-line verse splits 4+4 and a 6-line verse 4+2.

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