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OpenLP: Creating a service plan

Creating an empty plan

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Open OpenLP and ensure that the Library, Service manager, Preview and Live panels are visible. If not, use the View menu to make them visible.

To open an existing service plan, use the File menu and select Open service. OpenLP will normally display the correct folder from which you can select the appropriate plan. If the folder that opens is the wrong one, navigate to O:\Service plans. To create a new empty plan choose New service from the File menu.

Before you do anything else, save your new service by choosing Save service as ... from the File menu. This avoids your accidentally overwriting an existing plan which may still be needed. Save it in folder O:\Service plans, which will normally open as the default.

The file name defaults to something like 'Service 2016-07-31 10-30.osz', where the date is the Sunday following the date you create the plan. You can accept this default, but note carefully that if there are two services on the same day you will need to give them different names, for example 'Service 2016-07-31 18-30.osz' for an evening service. Please do not alter the 'Service 2016-07-31' part of the name, so that the files list in chronological order.

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