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News from the Cools family - April 2020

Mission Aviation Fellowship - April 2020

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First Term break is on it's way; time for another update. Loads of things are going on in the world at the moment; and we hope this update finds you well and healthy.

  Aerial view of town by night

At the beginning of the year, Hans had the privilege to fly with a missionary pilot from Papua Indonesia for about a month. Imenus Kogoya flies and works for an organisation called Lantera, which was set up by some ex-MAF pilots from the Netherlands who felt called to set up a service which would also offer professional development to locals. Im (as he likes to be called) is one of the few pilots who has come through this program. He was here for just over a month to fly and get as much practise and exposure to flying as possible in the month he was here. I saw him grow from someone who was a little unsure of his abilities, to someone I would happily send my kids with in an aircraft, and make good captaincy decisions.

Plane ready to go
Piloting the plane

At the end of January, Olivia started school again and Ameiah started kindy (nursery). They were very happy to be able to go and meet new/old friends at school and nursery. Both of them were doing really well at school, however the schools were shut down about a week and half ago. Right now they have Easter holidays, and after that school will probably be held online for the next little while. Apparently Olivia wants to be a pilot in the future (no surprise to us, she's been saying that for a long time).

Future pilot
Olivia and Ameiah
Olivia and globe
Olivia and Ameiah
Amelia’s birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Melissa's birthday. We couldn't go out to do something special, so we had a special night in.


Probably one of the questions we are asked the most is how Covid19 is affecting us. Luckily Australia is not been affected by it too badly in comparison to many countries. Perhaps because we are living so remotely this may have helped with the amount of cases in our immediate area. Covid-19 has resuted in limiting staff travel, and some bigger managerial meetings have had to be cancelled. At the moment our flight training school is running somewhat normally, but we are only in the office when we are scheduled to fly. Hans is mostly home in this time, and has been out flight training in the evenings. Melissa's studies are all online, so she is still working hard on her degree. We are all staying home as much as possile; only going out to go to the shops and for a walk/bike ride in the neighbourhood.

We do know of a few people in Belgium and the UK who have been directly affected by the virus, and Hans has a few friends who have been put on leave/furlough from their job. So we are all praying for you as our supporters as well!


Hans has been doing night flying training recently, which has made for some very impressive scenery. Part of flight training is flying from day time into night time. Pictured above.

Prayer Points:

1. Obviously prayer for the whole corona crisis. Worldwide within MAF, flying has decreased by almost 80%. This obviously means that a lot of people aren't able to be reached with essential services.

2. The girls are ok to be home right now. Please pray that they will keep themselves occupied for the time being, until the schools reopen.

3. Pray for Melissa as she continues to study and will now have Ameiah and Olivia doing school online. Hans will have to be teaching online as well to some of the students.

We know that God is ultimately in charge, and that this too shall pass. There's a lot of fear worldwide - pray that organisations like MAF can stand out as witness in these trialling times.

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Posted on 21 Apr 2020