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EA: What’s going on in our culture today?

Freedom, Franklin Graham and a new podcast with answers


What’s going on in our culture today and how can we respond?

Dear Peter

What does it mean to be human? Could this be the most obvious, but also the most contested, question in our society today?

The Evangelical Alliance has launched today its new podcast Being Human, which explores what it means to be made in the image of God, discusses what is going on in our rapidly changing culture, and considers how we, as followers of Jesus, can respond.

Hosted by Evangelical Alliance directors Jo Frost and Peter Lynas, this season looks specifically at freedom, with each episode looking behind the headlines into some of the big stories unfolding around us and how they affect what we understand as freedom. The first two episodes are now available.

The launch of Being Human coincides with news that every venue reserved for American evangelist Franklin Graham’s eight-day UK tour has cancelled their booking. In The curious case of Franklin, free speech and the venue police, Peter Lynas, UK director, questions society’s commitment to freedom of speech and urges the church to create space to address this culture of silencing.

Among other things, Being Human is set to help us understand and navigate challenges like this.

Resource // Being Human

Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for a conversation behind the headlines

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Society // The curious case of Franklin, free speech and the venue police

“Freedom of speech is only worth something when it affirms the freedom of all people” – Peter Lynas

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Posted on 6 Feb 2020

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