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SSW: Prayer update - February

Sutton Schoolswork
Prayer Update February 2020

     Director’s Note

This week we had a team meeting, where we get all team members together, reflect on what God has been doing over the past month, share our plans for the next month, then spend time in prayers of praise and of petition. As we now have so many active participants (6) and we were joined by our Chair of Trustees, Kevin Lewis, we had to squash around the table a bit! I took some time at the start to share a verse with them all, and I will do the same now.
This was the verse ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me’. John 14:1
It might seem a bit odd to open with this verse. It’s usually used when people are going through some level of hardship, or are worrying about a particular issue. We are definitely not undergoing any kind of hardship in SSW, or are we worrying about anything. Quite the contrary! We spent nearly an hour at the start of our meeting describing all the wonderful ways in which God has been blessing our ministry and all the opportunities that seem to be opening up, on a daily basis.

My reason for going back to this verse is to remind us that, although we are currently in a good place, there will be times that we won’t feel so positive. There will be days when the shadows of concern will pass across us, and we will have difficulties and challenges we can’t see any way over or around. I have often been told that, when struggling, remember occasions when God has been good, and has answered my cry, and take heart. I think it’s good to remember this even when things are good, as it can be all too easy to forget that God is God of the good days and the bad days in equal measure.

The verse goes on to say ‘For I go to prepare a place for you…’ I am so thankful that I have been rescued by my Lord, and that He has given me the chance to help others be forgiven and saved. My prayer, as I know it is for you, is that many will find that place that has been prepared for them, through the work of SSW.

Here are just a few highlights of what we praised God for at our meeting….

Abby has settled in well and is now up and running with assemblies which is freeing up Sarah to think about other things we might be able to offer schools such as lunch clubs etc.

Kate and Beca have been developing the CU’s and they are really growing.

Kate and Beca are busy writing material for the ‘LIVE’ project which is a series of workshops for all the secondary  school year groups that include self esteem, bullying etc

We have launched a new prayer venture at Cheam High called MAD (Making a Difference) which will run weekly.

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Bless you all


Simon Ellingham


Sutton Schoolswork



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Primary Prayer Requests
  1. New Schools -  “I have recently emailed 8 primary schools in Sutton who we do not have contact with, regarding assemblies. Please pray that the emails would be received positively and that those responsible for organising assemblies would get in touch. Ask God to increase the number of primary children we are having an impact on, in the coming months.” Abby
  2. Easter Experience -  Please pray that all goes smoothly with EE, that people learn their lines, that rehearsals go well, that the teachers and pupils enjoy it and go away with the lasting message of the gospel.

Secondary Prayer Requests

1. LIVE Project - We are beginning to look at launching this exciting new opportunity in Secondary Schools. (PSHE based workshops from Christian perspective). Please pray as we begin to write these sessions and start offering them to schools that they will be well received and that we can reach out to those we do not usually see in the classroom environment.

2. Christian Unions - We praise God for our CU’s and how they are all growing in wonderful ways! We also praise God for allowing us into Nonsuch & Wallington Girls CU’s. Please particularly lift up Oaks Park High as we find the right direction for the group to go in.

3. New Schools - Please pray for us as we continue to find contacts within Schools we do not currently work in, particularly Wallington Boys and Harris Academy. 

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Posted on 3 Feb 2020