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EA: Brexit - Is it an opportunity for the church?

Brexit: Is it an opportunity for the church?


The church can use the UK’s exit from the EU to show what identity, unity and hope really look like

Dear Peter

After all the negotiation and debates of the last few years, and 1,316 days after the Brexit referendum in 2016, at 11pm tomorrow the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.

Whether you are passionately celebrating, or convinced we are making a terrible mistake, or just plain fed up with the whole thing, there is no doubt that this is a significant moment in our recent national history.

It’s also a significant opportunity for the church. How so? It is in this context that we are called to live out our identity, offering unity and hope, because in a divided society the church has a role to heal and a role to witness.

In his article Brexit: Is it an opportunity for the church?, Kieran Turner, public policy officer, Evangelical Alliance Scotland, urges us to see the UK’s exit from the EU as an opportunity to show society what identity, unity and hope really look like, and that they can only be found in Christ Jesus.

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Posted on 30 Jan 2020

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