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Our missionary partners

St Andrew’s supports three missionary partners in prayer and through regular financial support through the Mission Fund. Please remember then in your own prayers, and if you would like to contribute to supporting their work, the treasurer|Treasurer will be happy to hear from you.

Our current partners are:


Bibi Nédellec with Wycliffe Bible Translators


June 2022  Bibi’s News

Dear friends!

Greetings from Brittany, France.  Can you believe that in a few weeks, it will be three years since I moved out of Africa?  A lot of things happened in that time period for all of us. Here in France it looks like we are getting back to a more normal life now, I notice that as I see all the activities offered to the public by various associations (traditional events, nature, sport...).  Concerning work, nothing has changed for me, still 100% working in distance format and meeting with colleagues via zoom, which works well. 

Consultant Development
CBC = Competency based Certification (for consultants)

The CBC software has been launched! As I have explained to you in my last letter, this software will enhance the development of consultants in a significant way. We have developed a web-based tool to track competencies and this competency-based system will greatly facilitate the work between mentors and mentees. Who are these people? They are different types of consultants: specialists in literacy and education, linguistics, anthropology, vernacular media, biblical translation, language technology and many more. The training of such consultants is traditionally a long and thorough process, and CBC will help us track the mentees’ development.  Once again, I should underline that I am not the only one working in this project, I am very thankful to my team of faithful and very competent colleagues!
The school teaching kids to love their African culture
‘Speaking my mother tongue is something that makes me proud of myself, makes me feel happy and free’ 

Amazing words coming out of a girl’s mouth. This vidéo is published on the BBC website, please set aside 4 minutes to watch it. It is very well done, and worth your time!  For those of you who read my letters and wonder why I do what I do, part of the answer is in that short video! 

My sister Annie came to France a few weeks ago. We took this chance to visit our nephew and nieces around Easter time, it was nice to be together again. We hadn’t seen our two nieces in a long time. What indirectly triggered that reunion was the loss of their father (my brother) who sadly died in February. 


I had a nice surprise in March! Debbie (Hatfield) who had a meeting in Germany came to see me! We took the chance to explore more of the area in terms of walking and birding of course. We did not expect to see this huge dolmen (megalith grave) on one of our walks.

I took the pictures below on one of my many walks around Brittany as I am looking for birds. Some of these walk I do with others as I am now part of an association of birdwatchers.

Even though I wish I could meet some of my colleagues and friends more - as we used to do - I am generally doing well, both work-wise and health-wise. My medical treatment is coming to an end. So far, so good. It is important for me to do some type of physical activities on a regular basis, which I generally manage to do, especially in the warmer season.

All for my news for today! I hope this letter will find you very well. 

As always very grateful for all your support, 
In Christ, 


Bibi Nédellec
10 Résidence Lise Bellec
22710 Penvénan

Cheques payable to:   Wycliffe UK    
PO BOX 1594,
High Wycombe Bucks. HP11 9NA
(Please add a note specifying that the gift is for me.)

Please do not publish or forward any parts of this newsletter without my permission.
Bibi has kindly granted permission for reproduction on St Andrew's website.

Copyright © 2022 Bibi Nédellec. All rights reserved.

Mission Aviation Fellowship - April 2022

The Cools Family with MAF
in Australia

  View from the air

It has been a very busy few months since the Christmas break. Hans has been busy putting some of the students through their final block of training before they leave to go and look for a job. Below are a few highlights of the last few months.

The team

Since just before Christmas, Hans has been busy training 6 students towards their last part of their training, the multi-engine instrument rating. This rating allows pilots to fly in bad weather conditions and through clouds. The course itself really is the pinnacle of most basic training a pilot will do. Most pilots will go on to do some extra training to fly bigger planes, but the basis of their flying career is build doing the 1.5 years (roughly) intense training.

To say that this course has been easy would be a lie. We’ve had a few issues with Covid at the beginning of the year, the aircraft we were using broke down and had to go into long term aeroplane hospital (needed double engine overhaul, which wasn’t expected as they were relatively new). A couple of the guys failed an exam the first time around, which delayed the course further, etc. We were really blessed that there was a quick solution to not having an aircraft problem, it really was a God-given miracle. Although the new aircraft didn’t come without its challenges, we were able to train 4 of the 6 to the end of the course, 3/4 had successful flight tests, and we are waiting for a one more to sit his flight test hopefully next week. The other 2 students will restart training very shortly.

Pilot flying plane

It has been a real privilege to be able to train these guys; these are the same guys Hans flew around the Northern Australia safari with. Their hard work has paid off, and it is good to see one of them already being employed at a local operator.

One of the other students has gone to Arnhem Land to do a 1-year work placement, and hopefully he will be able to stay on as a pilot by the end of that. I am sure that all of them will find respectable jobs in the future. But finding that first job is really the hard part.

Two pilots


Planes on ground

The girls have been in school all year. The school year started a couple of weeks later due to Covid, but there have been minimal disruptions since the beginning of the year. Ameiah started Grade 1 and Olivia started in Grade 3. Both are enjoying school, although at the beginning they really didn’t want to go back to school as they had had such a great 3 months of holidays playing with each other.

Things are slowly opening up. The Australian borders have just opened up to everyone without quarantine requirements, which means that tourism will recommence, which is a very big part of the industry in the area we live.

Cools girls
Cools girls

Melissa has been busy with Uni and taking care of the house. She’s almost finished with one more of her subjects and getting closer to finishing her degree. This unit is all about Chinese culture, which is very interesting, but also quite difficult. After this unit she will have to do another 7 units to finish her Bachelor.

Melissa and girls

Because we have been so busy in the last few months, we took the long weekend to go away and refresh. We went up to Cape Tribulation and visited the Mossman Gorge. We had a great weekend, but unfortunately Melissa and Olivia caught Covid after the trip. So we are now all in isolation at home feeling a bit worse for wear.



As we are coming to the end of our contract with MAF in Mareeba, we were hoping to have an update on what is next for us. But at the moment we have not yet been able to make concrete plans for the future. We will let you all know as soon as we know what our next steps will look like.

Prayer Points:

  1. Please pray for us as Olivia and Melissa get over Covid. Ameiah and Hans both have symptoms and aren’t feeling very well either, but they have not tested positive yet.
  2. Please pray for our students who are either starting a new job or are looking for employment. Pray for our other students who have started at the beginning of the year as well as they will be coming up to some important exams.
  3. Please also keep Mike, our PNG student in your prayers. He is finishing up his Commercial Pilots Licence soon, and then hopefully the company who sponsors him will let him go home to see his family, who he hasn’t seen in 2.5 years almost.
  4. Just pray for us, as we consider what God has for our future: whether this is a future in MAF or if it is time for us to move on to something else.
Desert and plane

Overtaking one of the other aircraft during the hour building exercise (safari) we did last week. In the background you can see the Simpson Desert.


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