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Our missionary partners

St Andrew’s supports three missionary partners in prayer and through regular financial support through the Mission Fund. Please remember then in your own prayers, and if you would like to contribute to supporting their work, the treasurer|Treasurer will be happy to hear from you.

Our current partners are:


September 2019   Bibi’s News

Dear friends!

This time, it is “for real”. I am now officially a French resident again, after 39 years spent between Germany, England, Benin, Togo and Cameroon. Debbie and I left Yaoundé on the same flight all the way to Paris, then as planned, we each went our different ways. She arrived safely in Washington DC, and I in Brittany, on Bastille Day!  My sister was at the airport to welcome me back. Annie kept me company for 4 weeks! We had a great time together, and it was nice for me not to be alone right away. 

Last Days in Yaoundé
A wonderful Farewell Party
Debbie and I were invited for a meal at some friends, but then all of the sudden the number of guests kept growing! Eszter and Andreas (on the right) are quite good at organising surprises!! Philip our landlord (left next to Debbie), Clémentine our friend (next to me) and David Wafo our Africa Area Director showed up. It was really special.
Eszter contacted our friends & family and asked them to scan old photos from us at various places and stages of our lives! What a wonderful gift to us was that slide show! We spent 15 minutes in nostalgia mode, and I think our friends also enjoyed it. (Let me know if you’d like to watch it, I’ll send you the link!)
At home in France now
Only a few days after I came back, Annie and I had young visitors: our grand- nephews with their parents of course! It was a fun time, especially accompanying Fanch (4 years old) with the guitar, singing with him the French songs he learns at school. We should see each other more regularly than I ever saw my nephew, their father! 
I had mentioned to you in my last letter that I would have to sort out some  complex administrative issues. Without going into details, I am pleased to let you know that a French organisation (charity called MENA) accepted to help me with the administrative side of things. Wycliffe UK and MENA agreed on how to do that. I am extremely thankful that a solution was found so quickly. 
Have you ever heard of fishing on foot? I read on their website that an association was looking for volunteers right here, in Penvénan, during the great tides. Why not, I thought, this is a good way to meet ‘locals’!
When the sea is far off, people go out on the sand and in the rocks to look for cockles, clam shells, crabs, shrimps, abalones and lobster! They don’t always know the rules, the norms, the quantities allowed: our job was to let them know about best practices.
Sunset during a skype meeting
It has been nice to come back during such a wonderful summer! I know Brittany has a reputation of being blessed by rain most of the year, but I am enjoying its current good and pleasant weather. Picture above: late (virtual) meeting and the view I had that day from my office window. Most of my work with people is in the afternoon and/or evening. It is interesting to meet with people from all over the globe! The reality, of course, is that I live alone most of the time, but I also continue to travel the world. I try to combine trips together when I fly somewhere, to avoid unnecessary carbon print which is not easy when one works for an international organisation. Meeting per internet helps a lot already. I will let you know about work in my next newsletter. 
I am in the process of looking at my financial needs now that my situation has changed. It looks like my current income cannot yet cover what my minimum income should be. I wanted to let you know that fact, as promised in my last letter. You can write me if you would like to know more.
I hope this letter will find you in good form!

A special Thank You to those of you who have written to me recently. It is always good to hear from you!  


Bibi Nédellec
10 Résidence Lise Bellec
22710 Penvénan
Cheques payable to:   Wycliffe UK    
The Hub, Easton Street,
High Wycombe Bucks. HP11 1NJ
(Please add a note specifying that the gift is for me.)
Copyright © 2019 Bibi Nédellec. All rights reserved.

Bibi asks that you do not circulate this information without her permission,
which she has kindly given for publication on this website.


Mission Aviation Fellowship - April 2020

Cools header

First Term break is on it's way; time for another update. Loads of things are going on in the world at the moment; and we hope this update finds you well and healthy.

  Aerial view of town by night

At the beginning of the year, Hans had the privilege to fly with a missionary pilot from Papua Indonesia for about a month. Imenus Kogoya flies and works for an organisation called Lantera, which was set up by some ex-MAF pilots from the Netherlands who felt called to set up a service which would also offer professional development to locals. Im (as he likes to be called) is one of the few pilots who has come through this program. He was here for just over a month to fly and get as much practise and exposure to flying as possible in the month he was here. I saw him grow from someone who was a little unsure of his abilities, to someone I would happily send my kids with in an aircraft, and make good captaincy decisions.

Plane ready to go
Piloting the plane

At the end of January, Olivia started school again and Ameiah started kindy (nursery). They were very happy to be able to go and meet new/old friends at school and nursery. Both of them were doing really well at school, however the schools were shut down about a week and half ago. Right now they have Easter holidays, and after that school will probably be held online for the next little while. Apparently Olivia wants to be a pilot in the future (no surprise to us, she's been saying that for a long time).

Future pilot
Olivia and Ameiah
Olivia and globe
Olivia and Ameiah
Amelia’s birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Melissa's birthday. We couldn't go out to do something special, so we had a special night in.


Probably one of the questions we are asked the most is how Covid19 is affecting us. Luckily Australia is not been affected by it too badly in comparison to many countries. Perhaps because we are living so remotely this may have helped with the amount of cases in our immediate area. Covid-19 has resuted in limiting staff travel, and some bigger managerial meetings have had to be cancelled. At the moment our flight training school is running somewhat normally, but we are only in the office when we are scheduled to fly. Hans is mostly home in this time, and has been out flight training in the evenings. Melissa's studies are all online, so she is still working hard on her degree. We are all staying home as much as possile; only going out to go to the shops and for a walk/bike ride in the neighbourhood.

We do know of a few people in Belgium and the UK who have been directly affected by the virus, and Hans has a few friends who have been put on leave/furlough from their job. So we are all praying for you as our supporters as well!


Hans has been doing night flying training recently, which has made for some very impressive scenery. Part of flight training is flying from day time into night time. Pictured above.

Prayer Points:

1. Obviously prayer for the whole corona crisis. Worldwide within MAF, flying has decreased by almost 80%. This obviously means that a lot of people aren't able to be reached with essential services.

2. The girls are ok to be home right now. Please pray that they will keep themselves occupied for the time being, until the schools reopen.

3. Pray for Melissa as she continues to study and will now have Ameiah and Olivia doing school online. Hans will have to be teaching online as well to some of the students.

We know that God is ultimately in charge, and that this too shall pass. There's a lot of fear worldwide - pray that organisations like MAF can stand out as witness in these trialling times.

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For more information please contact the team using the contact details provided.

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Sutton Schoolswork


Sutton Schoolswork (SSW) is a Christian charity that is passionate about supporting students in Sutton to understand and explore Christianity and to develop spiritually, morally and socially.

Within the London Borough of Sutton there are 45 primary schools and 15 secondary schools and SSW aims to support all those schools in a variety of ways.

The Director of SSW is Simon Ellingham, who has already visited us. Simon has previously acted in the SSW Easter Experience at North Cheam Baptist Church where he played Jesus, and is retired from the Metropolitan Police.



SSW has two full-time schools workers—Sarah Skinner who works with primary schools, and Kate Travers who covers secondaries. The schools workers work with the support of volunteers and of Children’s, Youth and Family Workers from the many churches which support SSW.

SSW workers reach 27,000 children and include leading school assemblies, teaching in RE and PSHE classes, running Christian Unions in schools and organising parent prayer groups. SSW also puts on two dramatised presentations, Discover Christmas and Easter Experience, seen by hundreds of children every year.

The latest news and prayer requests from SSW is usually on the Our news page.

Follow SSW on Twitter: