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Marriage and funeral fees 2021

This is the old version of the website which is not kept up to date.
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  • Minister £125
  • Organist £130
  • Caretaker £65
  • Registrar £55
  • Church £65 - utilities, maintenance, sound desk and cleaning
  • Church £120 - waived for church members


  • Minister £130
  • Organist £110
  • Caretaker £55
  • Church £65 - utilities, maintenance, sound desk and cleaning - waived for church members
  • Church £120 - waived for church members


  1. For any event lasting more than 3 hours (from opening to closing including having cleared up), extra fees will be charged.
  2. Payments to Minister, Organist, Caretaker and Registrar are made by the wedding couple or funeral director directly to the individuals concerned.
  3. Extra fees will be charged by the Church for any additional services required (eg hall hire, complex sound arrangements, orders of service etc)
  4. The Minister can vary any of the non-fixed fees at his/her discretion. The Organist, Caretaker and Registrar fees are fixed. All fees may be increased at the Minister’s discretion if there are special circumstances.

Management Committee
12 March 2021